A Set Dramatique

Abandoned to my own consciousness

Belittled by my own peers

Nature is always alarming in its wry change

Forgiveness such an empty gesture, for it can not bring my soul to rest

Alone I am

Desolation surrounds me, for I create it

The mean to protect what’s left behind from the storm

The heavens swallow the earth for fear of losing it

And hell, as its last resort does what it can to vanquish the enemy

Man, unaware of the fight walks on not knowing the truth of its own existence

Most of all I long for silence

A mute amongst deaf

A painting washed out by time




I tie my rope tight around my hollow neck

The chair is all but stable, as it serves its purpose

I think of the people left behind, though I know they wouldn’t understand ravings from my perpetual maze

There is a subtle certainty to what I am about to accomplish

A moment of absolute clarity after all these years or running around blinded

I can see now

What lies behind is well known

Ahead a mystery I drench for

My feet make the last ceremonial gesture

So the chair falls…

I thought I would move more

Mistaken once more

I leave


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