Beautiful Men – Scott Hunter / Light & Shadow

Scot Hunter is a 32 year old model and porn actor.  He explains his growing up; I grew up in the sticks in the East Anglian UK countryside and then moved to the North West in my teens. Moving from modeling to porn was something he never though possible until a job opportunity fell through and he was left unemployed. Scott says he always felt as the guy in the background, and that he didn’t have much hope he would hear from the adult industry, but much to his surprise they were interested in him and as they say A Star was Born.

There is a natural sex-appeal to Scott which I can assume comes from the fact he never thought he would be a recognizable face or even an adored by fans kind of guy, which is the key to actually being sexy and sought after. He’s very natural in front of the camera, seems at ease with his surroundings and very down to earth, judging by the way he writes in his own website You can find more information and latest videos and projects he’s involved in as well as his latest trophy. Scott took home this year the HotRods 2012 Best Bottom Trophy, and I must say watching him in action it was a well deserved one. I guess we’ll be seeing more of this hot guy in the future, and I for once can hardly wait (no pun intended).

This is a great photo-shoot by photographer Mircius Aecrim. The shadow and light really plays well with the B&W concept of solitude and what we do when we are alone in our own environment. Scott really seems like most of us in a dark lonely room on a sunny day. Mircius website

More information on Scott Hunter at

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