Volunteers Have Heart!


I was browsing my Facebook page this morning when my little eye spotted this add meticulously set at the bottom right hand corner. Now I’m sure to most of you this may not seem nothing more than what it is, and I’m also just as sure that some of you would cheer at the fact something’s being done to prevent HIV by this new vaccine trial. But I’m not here to join in all you in singing Kumbajas and holding hands as we walk to the clinic to get poked and probed, I’m here to burst your bubble and make you see the truth, because honestly we’ve been fed enough bullshit over the years on HIV prevention, drugs, and more.

As a person who’s lost a close friend to this disease, and I have two others living with it as I write these words you’d think this would make me happy, but it doesn’t.

Lets break down the bullshit about this vaccine. Who is so blind as to believe the medical establishment, and the drug companies that this trial is viable for data collection and at the same time safe? Who in their right mind would actually agree to be injected with HIV in order to ensure this disease doesn’t kill anymore people when you have countless instances when drug companies not only concealed “bad” data regarding certain drugs and their side effects for fear of net loss, but they actually paid those who’re suppose to protect us (FDA & CDC ring a bell?) in order to have those data “reworded” or plain and simple concealed? Just go to their website and please I beg you try to read between the lines when you see the test subject requirements for these trials at http://hopetakesaction.org/.

Let me tell you a little story. In 2002 there was an “outbreak” of bacterial meningitis in Chicago which as health officials said started in a gay bar where one of the bartenders got sick and by kissing other bar patrons infected them as well. About half a dozen got sick and two died (the bartender which I knew fairly well). What happened next you may ask; well, immediately after that the sirens starting screaming all over the city calling upon all gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and those who have yet to make up their minds to get the vaccine before it became an epidemic. They trumpeted the word “epidemic” so high and mighty people were waiting in line outside clinics to get the vaccine. Let me remind you once more; before the vaccines were being administered, there were no new cases and just those two initial deaths which happened within 24 hours apart. Yet, we were all in line waiting to get poked so we wouldn’t “die”. This, my friends, is how the health departments work, through fear and disinformation.

Now I know there’ll be a lot of you out there who will just try and crucify me for what I just said and label me all sorts of things, but let me make sure you all understand that just because I don’t agree with how things are done when it comes to public health and safety doesn’t mean I’m not there for all those who have contracted this disease, or any other disease, far from it. I’m sure you’re just bursting from within trying to hold the word “paranoid” between your teeth which by now are razor sharp, but truth be told, if you think that when a person asks you to stop for a moment and listen, truly listen, research and draw your own conclusions, it’ll show you said person is far from paranoid.

I leave you with just one question; why is it that this vaccine request only men who ♥ men and transwomen who ♥ men apply (the little hearts are what they actually used in their advertisement)? What about straight people? What about bisexual people? What about lesbians? Is only gay men and transgender people who actually can bring in quantifiable data, and if so, why?

Think about what I just pointed out, please think about it. They may be just words, but words my friends can make a whole difference in that how they’re being worded and who they’re directed to and for what end.


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