Vladimir Putin / If I could Turn Back Time


I received an e-mail today form AllOut.org regarding the latest LGBT news from Russia and the passing of Putin’s courts formally banning Pride marches for 100 years in Moscow. At the same time the anti-gay activists are using the government’s gay gag laws to sue Madonna for $10,000,000 in “moral damages” because she spoke up for gay Russians in a concert this week.

A few weeks back I posted an article in regards to human rights violations in Ukraine which you can read HERE. Before that I also posted an article regarding the notorious “propaganda” law, passed in St. Petersburg, to silence any reading, writing, speech or debate on anything “gay” – which the governor gladly signed it in to law, which you can read about here . 

Russia under Vladimir Putin seems to try its best at turning back the clocks on human rights be those for the LGBT community or the country as a whole. It is no surprise an individual like Mr. Putin, whose hunger for absolute power is only surpassed by his thirst to crush everything which undermines his ideals of how a society should be run with the old KGB ghost of Christmas past hanging on his shoulders, to go to such great lengths at silencing and using the law against his own people. Despotism is a severe illness in Russia, it has been for centuries, but at times like this and in the 21st century not only this move seems like an episode of The Twilight Zone, but also is living proof of the arrogance of one individual with millions of minions and absolute lack of any human attributes necessary to be e a leader.

When the “propaganda” Law was passed in St. Petersburg not long ago, no one thought it would ever be implemented, yet, from sources within Russia, there have been at least 75 arrests made in accordance with this law. It does not stop there though; the latest stint against Madonna for speaking out during a concert was just the beginning of the crackdown on human rights. I also learned that the famous Russian punk band Pussy Riot has been sentenced to two years in prison for speaking against the government, hooliganism and “gay propaganda”.

When Putin meets with world leaders at the UN he should face the full wrath and condemnation of all countries who have signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which even Mr. Putin must adhere. If we continue to allow these sort of aberrations of the law being passed across Russia and allow one individual to use courts as his own private arena to put on a show of strength and contempt for human rights, we will soon see the same kind of laws being passed in other “satellite” countries of the old corpse referred to as the Eastern Block. Even though the same kind of law was shelved in Ukraine for the time being, we are seeing surge of laws against human rights being proposed in Hungary, Moldova and Lithuania.

I urge all of you to sign the petition below, to go on line and see for yourself the pictures of those being beaten and arrested for speaking out. The worse thing one can do is to stay silent. It is easy to do so when something like this is happening thousands of miles away from you, but remember one thing, it is the same way of thinking that has brought dictators to power. It is your silent attitude which allows those who you vote to represent you to pass laws against your universal right as a human being.

After signing the petition, Mr. Putin received a personal note from me today with just one phrase in it;

Dear Mr. Putin

  • All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Thank you for your time and please sign the petition at AllOut.org

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  2. I signed the petition a few days back, and hope it has some impact. From what my Russian born friends tell me (I have three), the problem with Putin’s abuse of power is that in the country he is still widely popular with the Russian people (on average) and he has little serious political opposition. I think in many ways the UN has failed to live up to the human rights charter they have sworn to uphold, and too often turned a blind eye to violations committed by its more powerful member nations.


    • I couldn’t agree more. Another example is human rights in China and the way the White House has toned down the rhetoric towards Beijing because of 3 trillion dollars US debt China now owns.


      • Don’t forget about Saudi Arabia, and a swarm of other countries we’re friendly with for economic reasons. It’s those kind of things that make calls to intervene in certain nations for the sake of promoting democracy sound very vacuous to the general public.


        • Yes indeed, the whole Arab Spring, though important to the citizens of those countries was a sham compare to the rest of the Arab world staying just the same because of economical reasons. Qaddafi made a big mistake when his son went on national television saying they could end all foreign contracts overnight and find other countries who would buy their oil. I believe, at least in his case, that was the turning point in his demise.


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