Wait, I’m Confused…


We’ve all been there, driving or just walking and we see a sign which really makes us go…What??? Here is a compilation from Msn.com of some of the wackiest signs around the world. Enjoy it, it sure made my morning worthy…

1) This is another case of “Lost in Translation” but one has to wonder what they put in those bottles before they thought of H2O…


2) Now, first of all you can see what’s wrong with the road (unless you’re Lindsay Lohan), but lets assume you’re in your car driving, does anyone think they can actually read this sign before it’s too late?

3) Don’t you just love it when they explain to you the name of the street actually means something more…? I wander what Argyle Ave. stands for???


4) You do the math on this one…


5) DANGER, DANGER, DANGER. I speak for myself, but I’m sure most of you would agree one DANGER is more than enough. Three, it’s just over the top. This is not an episode of Lost in Space.


6) This is a driver’s worst nightmare. Go left? No. Go right? No. Go straight (no pun)? No. Turn back and freaking leave this god forsaken road? NO!!! Just look at the sign right behind this one on the right hand side, even more Nos 


7) Sherrill’s really need to learn how to advertise, it makes me wonder what Bill & Ann are cooking in there, and make me wanna go straight to the next dinner up ahead.


8) It is one thing to have street sings which are pretty straight forward, and another to have to call your lawyer or your friend at the DMV or have to date a traffic cop before you park on this road.


9) This Austrian town has a very unique approach to wind-passing which comes with a 1,2,3 step by step program. Kinda looks like a AA 12 step but shorter and for those unfortunate souls who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


10) My biggest fear while driving is not rocks falling off cliffs, but cows. Apparently in Taos, New Mexico they have a big problem with cow suicides. Don’t look ahead, look above, you’ve been warned.


11) This sign, besides being overly graphic, should be short and sweet; GET A ROOM YOU CHEAP ASS BASTARDS. One thing that can be said for those caught though is they sure are groundbreaking in the number of condoms they use. Kudos to you town folk, I salute you. 


12) While driving through Australia, and getting out of your car in the middle of nowhere, just beware while stroking a coyote or a baby kangaroo also mine shafts left behind. Head first into a bottomless pit is not worth it, even if it’s on purpose.


13) What a charming little town. I always though of New Zealand as the last country on earth which is least explored, but this sign brings back frightening memories of The Village or The Town, so we’re just going to do a really really fast drive through on this one.
14) Ok, I said it before and looking at this it seem it needs repeating; there are signs which need to be specific and there signs for the mentally impaired (which includes the guy who came up with this one). I always wondered what the green stuff at the end of the cement path was…Thank you Sir for clarifying it for me, thank you so very much.




  1. lmao XD Oh, I needed that for my labor day weekend.

    #1, “one has to wonder what they put in those bottles before they thought of H2O…” I once saw a case of water bottles in a novelty shop with a sign on them saying, “I can’t believe it’s not water.” At the time, I thought it was a joke. Now, I’m not so sure.

    #2, Not only is it a redundant sign, it’s also proof positive that lolspeak has finally gone mainstream (damn does cats!).

    #6, Wait, why does it make a point to say you can’t even go back? Do you just sit there indefinitely? It would be fun if this sign was some over the top psychology experience to see how obedient people are to authoritative signs…and if it’s not, it ought to be (I would love to see the results).

    #11, How are they being recorded, if they appear to be inside the van? Yet, the condoms are outside? hmm…voyeuristic bareback carousel?

    #13, Must be their equivalent of “You just keep on driving, boy. Right on back where you came from.” You’d think the sign was enough to make the point, without the need to surround it with barbwire.


    • #1) I can hardly wait for Coke Original – Now made with real sugar & Ican’t believe it’s not chicken.

      #2) Mary Crystalxmas.

      #6) The Department of Transportation is trying this for size to see if you really can sit in the car and end up doing what picture #11 says you shouldn’t be doing. And speaking of #11 – my sign put up right next to this one with just the same colors and just as big would say; IF THE VAN IS ROCKIN’, DON’T CUM ON KNOCKIN’

      #13) I guess they learned from Governor Schwarzenegger when he proudly said (with an Austrian accent); We must keep all aliens out of our country. – BITCH SAY WHAAAAATTTTTTTTT?????!!!!!! PMPO WHILE ROFL AND LOL till death takes me


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