Liberalism Opens the Way

It would be insulting if it weren’t so damn stupid and ignorant to the point of being absolutely idiotic. I’ve always know there people out there who felt compelled to tell everyone else how to live their lives and what to do in the comfort of their own homes, but wait, noooo you must tell also how to behave in public places as well otherwise you never know what might happen. I’ve always known that fox was giving me the glad eye, but as a good Christian, I was saving myself for when we could finally be legally married in the state of Utah. Sorry guys I went from boys to Beasty boys (sorta)…

This is an actual advert being passed out today on all fronts, and came to me via Facebook, so enjoy it for what is worth.Related Articles;



  1. Sweet. I always wanted to watch some duck-on-horse action. Is it strange that the first question that came to my mind when I saw this was, “Where are they going to get giant grasshoppers from, for us to make-out with?”


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