Beautiful Men – Steve Boyd / A Story of Violent Behavior

Steve Boyd is originally From Chicago Illinois, was raised with a younger brother (Eric) and sister (Marina). His roots are Danish decent from his father side and Italian from the mom side. Growing up Steve’s father started a landscaping and snow plowing business that he & Steve invested a lot of work and effort into, but Steve is a total mama’s boy… like he stated:” I love my mother, I’m a classic mama’s boy”.

Since he was a little kid, Steve was a super hero fanatic, his whole life he have looked up to Superman, Steve: “one day I want to make a difference in the world like Superman does in the comics, but unfortunately I can’t fly, at least not yet  ”.. .As we say, always dream big! After graduating high school Steve moved to Miami for college where he thought he met the girl of my dreams but had his heart broken around the same time.

He got discovered in Miami & was asked to model. Since then Steve moved to New York with the influence of his close friends and now working as a full-time model in the big city. In a short time Steve Boyd already creating a big buzz in the modeling scene, shoot for fashion editorials, fashion magazines, worked on a few ad campaigns. Steve stated: “my life has been a dream come true, kind of like living in a movie”. And as we see so far he is going in the right direction, and you can see his work all over, and many projects are on the horizon.

Exclusive article/interview taken from New York Fashion


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  2. […] Beautiful Men – Steve Boyd / A Story of Violent Behavior ( […]


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