Well AntiNietzsche you make 3 compelling points about zombie apocalypse, but I must say I see only one of them becoming a reality if and when it ever were to happen to have brain dead people walking around trying to eat you and me, and that is number 2 (no pun intended). It’s true you got some very trigger happy people down there but they’re already a problem, cuz u see, they’re already brain dead. Needless to talk about millions upon millions of brain dead people we encounter each day as we go by our lovely lives and we call friends, family, and lovers.
On the other hand id it ever were to happen I don’t think any government in the world would know what the heck it can do about it, and thus were’ screwed big time. You mention the possibility of luring them to the grand canyon and nuke their asses, but you forget the only way we can get that done is if we use some people as bait, oh let say semi-morbidly-obese perhaps???
Finally, last but not least, if you ever became a zombie, I’m sorry to say but I would miss your postings cuz lets be honest, they’re pretty much the only outlet I have to wit and to like-thinking person such as you. It would definitely be a waste of brain if you ever got bitten, but be sure that wouldn’t stop me from shooting you, if you ever got too close for comfort, and I say this with love and respect. So try not to ever get bitten, please?!
As far as werewolves you mention in the end, there’s not much anyone can do about them, and to be honest I’m glad they’re around to balance things out among all other creatures of the night.

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