I have to agree, you have been able to set a very detailed list of most BPD issues we all face, and to be honest I believe other people who do not suffer from BPD have experienced as well at some point in their lifetime. It’s very interesting how you set forth a big question mark on how much what we remember was factual and how much of it has been blow up further more as the years went by and we were faced with more drama, anguish and pain, thus fueling our past experiences and not they have become a bigger boogie man. I never thought of that before, so thank you for reminding me. I always believed what I remembered from my past was the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me god. I guess, this time around there needs to me a re-evaluation of what really happened in my past, in order to gain a better, healthier perspective on it. Thank you for sharing this post Jaen, it truly spoke to me, and also brought a bit of pain back up at reading the “pillars” of BPD behavior.

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