Well folks, it’s happened again, someone out there really likes my blog so much so as to give me the  One Lovely Blog Award nomination, which I guess I already won :P.

As with all other awards there are rules to follow, so here they are;


Thank you Miss Audrey for nominating me, and believing my blog has a lovely side to it :D. Miss Audrey, you and I are much alike, and reading your candid thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears, helps me understand myself as well. It’s only when you look at someone else’s life you realize how much in common you have with otherwise complete strangers. Thank you for sharing your life with me, and keep on doing so for yourself most of all. Big hug from me to you. 😀

Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.(done)


7 facts about myself:

1) I’m a loner by choice and circumstance

2) I watch way too many documentaries from YouTube about all sorts of topics out there, especially history, paranormal activity, biographies and conspiracy theories.

3) I usually get emotional in the most unlikely places such as work, bus, walking down the street, but rarely at home.

4) I want to get a dog, I guess the need to be loved by someone has to come from somewhere, and what better than a dog to love you and love back, and make you play when you really don’t want to huh? 😀

5) I detest those to whom I’m attracted to, but know I can’t ever have. My loathing is only overshadowed by my lust towards those same persons, animalistic to the core.

6) I don’t particularly like flowers/plants, they make me feel uncomfortable, but I love the smell of jasmine so much I keep sniffing the air when I catch the smell. Kinda look like a heroine addict sniffing like that LOL.

7) I’m a person with many secrets from which as a result I terribly suffer everyday of my life, but which I will defend and keep as such with all my might for the rest of my life.NOMINATE 15 OTHER BLOGS YOU LIKE FOR THIS AWARD. – Talk about great expectations from those who gave/started this award eh, I mean 15, common?!

The AntiNietzsche – Thank you for always keeping motivated and for finally being able to write Nietzsche‘s name without having to use word’s spelling 😀

“You Know You’re Borderline When…” – Thank you for all your inspiring writing and for helping me to find myself somewhere between the lines.

Brian Gaynor Photography – You always amaze me with your eye for detail, for how you’re able to stir emotions with just a click of a button on your camera. Keep up the great work you do so well.

James Creasy Photography – Once again photography, the love of my life, comes alive with your amazing eye for color, lighting and detail. Keep up the good work and post more often…

Dean J. Baker –  My dear Dean, though I may rarely understand your eloquence of words which you use like foreplay to a little virgin girl (that would be me), I know to appreciate every syllable of it, for it comes from a place very few souls ever get to venture into.

400 Days ’til 40 – You’re an inspiration to with your candid eloquence of everyday life wit. You have brought up a huge variety of topics in the past months and you’ve made think about certain aspect of life worth paying attention to. Thank you for sharing your journey. In a few years I’ll return the favor.

Last but not least I need to let all the winners above they have been nominated which I’ll do soon.


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