Once Upon A Forest – Dare He Not Enter Unless Of Pure Heart

“Forests may be gorgeous but there is nothing more alive than a tree that learns how to grow in a cemetery.” ― Andrea Gibson







tumblr_metvkr2zFh1qas1mto7_r1_500“It was the forest’s fault. Those two handsome woodcutters. An evil place, the forest, everyone knew it, full of temptations and imps…”  ― Tanith Lee







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  1. Gorgeous photos. I love forests. Most people I meet love the ocean, which is also lovely, yes. But for me, the feeling of being surrounded by trees … that’s magical for me. Something spiritual. I don’t know what it is. They have a haunting quality and I like things that are haunting.


    • Well, one thing I learned form Native Americans, is that when you’re not feeling well, and your energy is awry, hugging a tree and transporting your negative energy to the tree’s roots not only helps you, but the earth transforms that negative energy and uses it to nourish something else within itself.
      Yet, forest can be very dangerous places, specially on a winter solstice.


      • How very interesting. I shall try that, and if people call me a tree-hugger I shall have a jolly good retort: “I am transporting my negative energy into the tree’s roots …” I’m sure they will walk away looking dazed and confused. LOL.

        And why are forests dangerous especially on a winter solstice? You are certainly an interesting person. I’d follow your blog but I think my poor husband might have a stroke if he saw all the images of half naked men in my Reader! 😉


        • Well, there are many things out there you don’t wanna run into on a winter solstice, yet woods at night are generally not safe.
          I laughed so hard at your comment of half naked men and you husband, so in that spirit I suggest you delete your browsing history 😀 🙂


          • Thanks for the warning about the woods, and yes I probably wouldn’t go wandering around in there at night. Not due to wolves or bears (don’t have any in England) but for the same reason I can’t follow your blog – might suddenly be confronted by half naked men! 🙂

            In fact, I think you have some pictures just like that … a naked man in a forest with a carefully positioned animal skull … Not sure what the hell I’d do if I bumped into him! LOL. 😉


            • Well, you might not know what to do with him, but I sure as hell know I’m gonna do, and the trees are gonna shake, LMAO 😀


              • LMAO! You’re a funny chap, Lucianus! 😉 Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, or whatever you do or don’t do, to celebrate the next couple of days!


                • Thank you for the wishes, though I do not celebrate anything besides Halloween, I like a good ol’ tree with lights at someone else’s house 😛


                  • LOL, I can’t even imagine what you do with the lights or the tree … probably best if I don’t try to! Happy very Belated Halloween! 🙂


                    • You have a much more twisted mind than I do. What do u think I’m gonna do with a tree and lights? Stick the lights up where the sun don’t shine and turn myself into Barbie’s dream Christmas tree??? LOL. No hun, what I meant was that I like looking at the, but that’s about it.
                      Now, if were to talk about pine cones I might have a few cute ideas, but that’s for whne the kids are in bed sleeping, cuz this grown up stuff, LMAO 😛


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  3. The wonders of nature. You’d never imagine such a unique world exists. Wonderful pictures!


  4. wow…stunning! there’s nothing such as wonderful as nature… thanks for sharing!


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