Sunday Bite – How Not to Use the Toilet….

In over a year that I have been posting my Sunday Bite article, I have failed to address what a Sunday bite really is. In Orthodontics, a Sunday bite refers to a miss-alignment of the upper and lower jaw, where the upper jaw is further forward than the lower or when both jaws-when closed-slide in two different directions, thus preventing a perfect fit. This of course applies to myself, and now you all got a piece of knowledge that might come in handy someday. The question that may rise is; how does this pertain to this actual lovely specimen of a man, or the ones who have come before him? Allow me to tell you;

First is much better to name this post Sunday Bite than Sunday Butt, and second, as you’ve seen in this past year, you can actually get a Sunday bite from munching on these fine ass (no pun) butts… Enjoy it 😀
72184_466081976775803_270756430_nP.S. How come while writing this post, the Relate Articles box on the right was giving me recommendations regarding articles about Piranhas and snake bites? Is Zemanta trying to tell me something about myself which I already know I have ;)? That is for the Biology researchers to discover, LOL.




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  3. […] Sunday Bite – How Not to Use the Toilet…. ( […]


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