The Twin-Spirit Warrior

We are all children of Darkness born into Light. – Changeling


Native American Two-Spirits

“If your whole life is connected spiritually, then you learn that self-pride – the image of self- is connected with everything else. That becomes part of who you are and you carry that wherever you are.”

Spotted Eagle (Two-Spirit of the White Mountain Apache, quoted in Feinberg)

At least 135 Northern American tribes have been documented as integrating alternative gender roles. A complex sex/gender system was found “in every region of the continent, among every type of Native culture, from the small bands of hunters in Alaska to the populous, hierarchical city-states in Florida.”[1]. Transgender lifestyles  were honored and often coincided with healing and shamanic practices.

Here are some Native American names for Two-Spirits or transgender people:

Berdache[“Berdache” was a derogatory term European colonizers used to label any Native person who did not fit their narrow notions of woman and man…]

Badé / Boté (by Crow people)

Warhameh (by Cocopa people)

Joya (by Chumash people)

Kwiraxame (by Maricopa people)

Ihamana (by Zuni people)

Winkte (by Lakota people)

Nadleeh (by Navajo people)

Excerpt taken from Labyrinthos Potnia

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