Self-Love / The All Natural Opiate


Let me give you a little inside information about God. God likes to watch. He’s a prankster. Think about it. He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift, and then what does He do, I swear for His own amusement, his own private, cosmic gag reel, He sets the rules in opposition. It’s the goof of all time. Look but don’t touch. Touch, but don’t taste. Taste, don’t swallow. Ahaha. And while you’re jumpin’ from one foot to the next, what is he doing? He’s laughin’ His sick, fuckin’ ass off! He’s a tight-ass! He’s a SADIST! He’s an absentee landlord! Worship that? NEVER!” John Milton – The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

You love yourself when you wear something nice..

smellsgreatwhen you love your body, building it to an ecstasy no one has ever been able to give you before..

60695_475944349103220_1355268180_nwhen you meditate, and all answers are right there in front of you…224969_546512732043771_1609067087_nwhen you look in the mirror and you love what you see…1431_536814989680212_1869756335_n

405785_497216050306773_306994823_nwhen you immerse yourself into reading, and the world becomes faded, while fantasy takes over…


527870_467024876661834_1745916834_nwhen you spend time alone, so you can center and ground yourself, so you can be comfortable with all that it is You…


484491_445193225511666_808032485_nwhen you take a nice bath, letting all the worries melt away as water and foam envelopes and caresses your senses…


563708_545546338807077_897588765_nwhen you allow yourself to play and be playful, enjoying yourself every moment of it…


561636_498186690212319_1336890758_nwhen you love another creature, giving warmth, time and dedication and It loves you in return just the way you are…

blackdogwhen you allow yourself what most would judge you for, a little role play to escape the harsh reality that your uniqueness is not accepted…

cleanmypipes“You sharpen the human appetite to the point where it can split atoms with its desire; you build egos the size of cathedrals; fiber-optically connect the world to every eager impulse; grease even the dullest dreams with these dollar-green, gold-plated fantasies, until every human becomes an aspiring emperor, becomes his own God… and where can you go from there?” – John Milton – The Devil’s Advocate (1997)



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