1000th Post / I’m Doing The High-Split

roflbotHere we are, today is a milestone for me. A little bit over a year ago I would have never had imagined I was going to do what I’m doing and have so much support and love from the people around me as well as those far far away. It’s been nice, it’s been fun, it’s been painful to share as much as I have.

Thank you for over 220.000 visitors, over 1.000 likes, to all 181 countries which have visited my blog from countries I would have never though I would have people actually visit. A special thanks today goes to Guadeloupe Island for having the highest number in a day ever over the US with 161 visits (as of now) and counting. “Guadeloupe though in the Pacific, is actually part of France, and thus the EU as well as the Euro Zone“, thank you guys, love ya… Enough with geopolitics, yet once more thank you all.

Here is Guadeloupe’s Flag, just for you guys…

600px-Flag_of_Guadeloupe_(local)_variant.svgP.S. The pic is not mine, but the captioning is, what??? Did you think I could do that for real??? I have done that, shhh!!! 😛


  1. Thanks for bearing your soul which has cased mine to stir. Thanks for the art and photography you have championed which has made me smile. And thanks for all the eye candy which has made me do other stuff! 🙂


    • You’re very welcome. It’s my pleasure, that’s why I keep doing what I do. Thank you also for sharing your thoughts or reglogging, you do find some very interesting stuff in other blogs 🙂


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