Sweetie, you case is not unique. Every consulate I’ve been to does the same thing. When over a decade ago I applied for an American visa, they told me over the phone all the wrong documents needed and all the wrong forms to fill out (this was when everything still was done filling out paperwork instead of online), just so I would never get the visa necessary for me to travel to the US. The British Embassy is no better, and the Croatian and Russian are worse. Living in Europe and not being part of the RU really makes the life of those “left outside” a living hell.
I’m ashamed and appalled of how US, Britain, Russia and other countries treat foreign citizens. A friend of mine who was born in Moscow and his family left Russia in the 80s when he was a little boy, tried a couple of years ago to go back there. They made his life a living hell with all the paperwork they asked him for, just because he no longer had a Russian citizenship and his boyfriend was an American citizen from the Philippines. In the end they both gave up and went to London for their scheduled vacation, and had a great time.

Blessed with a Star on the Forehead

Don’t get me wrong, I love Brazil and I love and pride myself on being this hot blooded sassy Brazilian.  But every time I go to the Brazilian Consulate in NY and see how rudely the agents there treat Americans and Brazilians alike I cringe and shrink in my seat.  The agents are short tempered and condescending.   They don’t think twice about sending you away, it doesn’t matter how many hours you have traveled to get there.

When I think of a consulate I think of an organization that was created to help citizens in foreign countries.  Unfortunately that is not what you happens when you visit the Brazilian Consulate in New York.  They go out of their way to make Brazilian’s lives difficult.  They take pleasure out of making you feel inferior.  I dare say that they resent us for leaving Brazil and choosing to live in another country.  I don’t know if that…

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