Disney Revisited

I grew up watching Disney movies. I used to watch them with such passion I would get lost in them for hours. I grew up watching prince charming after prince charming. Princesses of all sorts, blond and brunette, red head, all waiting to find their one true love. Villains and good guys. Evil Queens and lovely fairies, and so I too had a crush on the goodhearted princes and wondered what it would be like to be awaken by a kiss… Unfortunately life never turns out to be that way, but I always felt deep inside a sense of longing and of course erotic. Here we have a few representations of the homoerotic subtext of Disney movies, which if you’ve paid much attention has grown rapidly in the last decade (check out some of the phrases used during each movie). So for your enjoyment and of course mine as well here we have alternative versions of how love stories should have gone. Enjoy them… 😀

The way Snow White spoke, always gave me the impression of a girl suffering form abandonment syndrome, daddy issues and a bit of psychosis, so no wonder she went straight for the bottle when her dreams didn’t come true.  I guess the evil Queen gave the apple to the right two guys 🙂148577_552591638102547_707212993_n

Poor Ariel, she exchanged her voice for legs and when she got them and walked to the shore Robin Hood was already there to gladly take her place, so she went to get her fins back. What’s the point of having legs if you’re not gonna use them right?538143_191492380978341_1003458321_n

Ah evil doers. We call them villains, we demonize them, but did we ever stop and think that behind that hard-ass facade there was a creature who was waiting to blossom?312322_560303290664715_1499703212_nThis is the kind of shot you’ll never see on my Facebook profile, I’m just gonna settle for the guy who comes next 😛


Oh Hercules, they didn’t call him “Zero to Hero” for nothing. And with his over the top steroid type bod (did you check out his nipples?), he sure knew how to melt poor orphan Aladdin‘s heart. My question is; did the magic carpet travel faster than the speed of light for him to go back in time and meet this Demi-God?

Forget Ariel and welcome Aaron. What would Ursula ask in trade from him for a pair of legs? Well, if we go by the “original” story, he might end up not having anything to offer to poor Prince Eric in the boudoir…


Prince Eric seems to be a swinger, so after having Aaron, he has a brief yet passionate encounter with Aladdin. I guess a prince’s gotta do what a prince gotta do, though this puts a big question mark on Aladdin’s fidelity as well. Poor Hercules…:( 543817_555638291131215_16121241_n



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