No one is ever ready to die, yet the fear of dying should not be paralyzing. you are absolutely right when you say that; sometimes death is much more preferable to the pain and suffering one must endure for many reasons.
Speaking for myself, I’m not afraid of death as much as I’m afraid once I die, I will not leave anything behind to be remembered by. No legacy, not even a glimpse of who I was and what I have done. I guess the ego is much stronger than death itself, though in the end death wins the battle.
Someday we will all be dust and no matter how much we believe in reincarnation, we’re still miss our former self, if we indeed have any recollection of it at all.
Death is not the end, and in there lies the irony of it all.

Cassie & Sophie NSFW

Occasionally I am startled by the thought that one day I will die. Perhaps I will go to sleep one night and just not wake up. Perhaps I will be gripped by the searing pain of my heart stopping and it will not restart… Perhaps I will be stabbed or shot and watch the red life force draining out of me… Perhaps I will be weakened by illness until I fade away… Perhaps I will slip and fall from a great hight or perhaps the last thing I will see will be the headlights of the car that crashes into me… The only sure thing is that I will one day, actually, die. Expire. End. Be no more. Cease to exist.

It is not a thought I dwell on. But every once in a while, the brutal reality that all I know and am will come to an end, consumes…

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