Last Day on the Job but NO Office Party

As you well know by now it’s Pope Benedict XVI last day on the job, and as you well know, despite all the funfair of devotees at yesterday’s Papal message outside St Peter’s Square he won’t be getting any “office party” nor cake. Despite the controversies which have plagued this Pope‘s papacy, I must admit one stand out more than anything else. It is his document sent out to all the archbishops around the world instructing them to keep the child abuse cases hidden and to make all possible moves to deal with them in silence with some “internal investigations” if necessary. I wonder if he now, like many other CEOs, will go into the private sector as a board adviser/member, after all he’s very good at concealing and twisting the truth? I’d like to close this short post with a quote by Robin Williams speaking about the Vatican, pedophile priests and the way these cases were always handled; Here’s your check direct from Rome, buy yourself a brand new home! To which I would like to add; If you can’t get away from the law, come to the Vatican and meet Cardinal Law, we will find suitable accommodations for you, so no one can finally sue, If the Hague Tribunal is not enough for you, a good ol’ confession will do!

Vale Pope Dissimulans XVI, vos mos non omittenda!





For those few who didn’t see this picture, this was actually shot a few hours after Pope Benedict XVI declared he was leaving, some called it “a sing of God”, but they failed to extrapolate If He (god) was happy about it or not…who knows?article-2276884-17841A9A000005DC-22_634x815


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521791_10151493781156800_981593499_n (1)


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