Superheroes are People Too…

With or without their shortcomings, enemies and arch-nemesis, superheroes are the most familiar beings we grow up with. Later on in life, when we’re more aware of our own sexuality, we begin to see the real truth about their lives. Who can negate that sexuality is a huge part of comic books? So, from time to time I like to post what I find in this regard as well as some fun facts which, as they happen to us all, can happen to our heroes as well. Enjoy it…

Watch out Gotham City, these two are really fighting….urges…48137_587993164562394_1256217115_n


10993_583746768320367_16812881_nBatman getting jiggy wit it…


Leather night at the Manhole, 2 for 1 shots, must wear leather, latex, rubber or else to enter. 150776_583746558320388_1520277498_n

rainbow batman

So Spiderman is Flash now??? WTF!!!523298_348191718606910_111927700_n

A serious unfortunate event…for Lois of course 537922_380708881951495_1735463329_n

Technically Thor is not a superhero but more of a God, actually he is a god, but who in their right mind can resist the appeal of a Nordic god if he makes a pass at you wearing this…???602320_392470474163169_552202444_nAlright, alright I know s/he not a superhero, but I couldn’t resist when I saw it and had to post it. Not so Little Red riding Hood, running almost naked into the woods with the BIG bad Wolf (bear daddy) right behind him/her. There’s some gender confusion between the story and this shot ain’t there???




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