You raise a great point which I have had to deal with myself.
Years ago a friend of mine studying photography at Colombia University in Chicago was given an assignment to shoot 5 people in their “natural environment” (where they felt more comfortable) and I was one of them. The shoot took place in my apt and since in my apt I’m always naked, all the pictures depicted me doing my regular stuff around all naked. When he showed my pictures in class, my friend’s professor stopped him right in the middle of the presentation and told him out loud he couldn’t allow pornography in his class. Though none of the pictures portrayed me in any sexual act (or with a boner for that matter) he and most of the other students didn’t see anything wrong with them and couldn’t understand why the professor was being such a dick (yet none of them spoke out in my friend’s defense). He gave him a non passing grade even though my friend explained to him that I was an individual who felt very comfortable being naked and did so all the time, so there was nothing pornographic about someone who likes being nude in his natural environmental such as my apt. Fortunately he took this matter with the Dean and the grade was changed to a B-.
As you see my dear Cassie, we’re all pray of someone, or a whole group which feels that by using censorship as to “protect” others from pornography and “deviant behavior” are the real killers of self-expression in art and more.
On a more personal note; I will never understand men and women who are so adverse to their own nudity and speaking from experience I’ve met countless of men who had such a handicap. As soon as the act (sex) was over they got dressed like their lives depended on it, and intimacy was a no go after that. I don’t have a great body, never had, but I be damned if that stopped me from enjoying my nudity wherever I live, and most of all it’s not like I’m parading around town. It is my affinity to my own body (with all its flaws) which makes me love myself even more.
Go on Cassie, do your thang wit yo bad self

Cassie & Sophie NSFW

I have had a thoroughly enjoyable birthday week. There was a lot of self indulgence and sensory and emotional overload. I often use my blog as a way to decompress and evaluate things going on in and around my life but this week I felt that words were inadequate and I intended instead to post a few pictures just to give a sense of what the week had been like. There were some photos which I wanted to manipulate and photoshop a bit and I wanted to include some other art to convey some of the colours and impressions of the past week.

While looking through pinterest for some art to cut and paste I came across this.

Now this probably isn’t the greatest art but I like it, and it resonated with some of my experiences during the past week. However when I tried to “pin” the painting  I got a…

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