Interview with a Vampire

Back in August 2012, my friend and amateur photographer Kreshnik Gjoleka, set out to do a photo-shoot right in the middle of a very hot summer day. His idea was to capture someone who almost never gets in front of a camera and hates photos of himself so much. In order to do so it Kreshnik’s idea was to let the person talk about anything really, and snap while he wasn’t looking at the cam at all. What came out was an amazing experience for a person who as I mentioned before hated shots of himself. In his natural composition of both facial expression and gesticulation  he became alive. At last, the lonely vampire, turned hermit, was finally unraveled and let out a bit of his own (1)

art (7)

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  1. Excellent note. I think it teaches and reflects the simplicity of things reflected the most beautiful. Without deliberate poses, no turns, could let Kreshnik inside reflects on his interview, in his talk, and capture it in photos. Really reflect and transmit its internal beleza …. I loved ….


    • Actually. that’s not Kreshnik in these photos, it’s his friend. Yet, you’re right whne it comes to simplicity in photography, without the fanfare of intricate posses, lighting and setting.


      • heh heh heh hank you for the clarification, is that so struck me that trying to describe the simplicity of the pictures and what they get, which in my opinion, is almost a poem, I ended enredámdome in my own words … 😛


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