“Overboard” – The Boys of Andrew Christian (Video)

OMG!!! Andrew Christian does it again and this video is not for the faint of heart like myself who almost got a heart attack the very few first seconds. Now those of you who follow my blog, know my fixation with Andrew Christian Underwear line and most of all his boys and boy can they deliver in all videos…Hell To The Yeah and Dog bless them. This last video I found is called “Overboard” and as you can see they sure go all the way “over-board” for mine and your pleasure as well as an awesome song I could be dancing to all night long. Repetition is the key to success. Enjoy it 🙂

Shot at Island House Key West Gay Hotel & Resort



P.S. If I ever went overboard I would mind getting rescued and some CPR by one of these guys and I’m sure Lodisha Marie Brown-Sugar Jackson would agree with me, aright gurrrrl!


  1. That gave me a Good Friday smile! 🙂


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