When Truth Hurts

One thing that can be said about working at an airport is that it highly educational. The mere amount of travelers from all corners of the globe, different cultures and languages gives you a better perspective of human behavior according to such backgrounds.

I overheard a small conversation between a mother and her little boy this morning. I didn’t hear the little boy’s question, but I did hear his mother’s answer which struck me for the first time in many-many years. She said; “because he doesn’t understand English, he has his own language and this is his country and you must understand and respect that.” Such simple truth, honest and by teaching her son to be respectful of another human being for the simple reason of language, culture and being in his/hers country as foreigners. I’m sad to say this seldom happens among most foreigners traveling through or living in other countries.

Now, going back to the video you’re about to watch I’m not sure how many of you have had a chance to see it, but it did struck me once more as truthful. Though a television show, the message is clear and it does not only apply to the subject matter of America being the greatest country in the world, but all countries. If you’ve had a chance to travel anywhere, I’m sure you noticed that such attitude as the one portrayed by the young woman asking the question and the subsequent answer of both politicians is prevalent everywhere. Just look at the Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, and Sweden) and their attitude towards the rest of Europe, especially less developed ones. The message sent out by them is that of; We don’t want foreigners living here and lowering our standards of living by leaching on to our free social services. Go to Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, France and England and the prevailing sentiment is echoed in each of the aforementioned countries. Go visit the Balkans and watch how centuries old megalomaniac sectarian ideas of Greater Serbia, Greater Albania, Greater Greece, Greater Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Greater Macedonia(FYROM) continue to split and segregate these countries to the brink of another “cold war”. The rhetoric is the same everywhere; We Are the greatest country there is. Just like America, each European country clings to a feverish idea based on the past and not the present. Indeed many European countries where at one time or other superpowers during human history, yet the reality of the 21st century is much-much different and they seem to be constitutionally adverse to admit their shortcomings. Portugal was once a great maritime superpower, so was Spain, England was an empire, Italy as well, Greece gave us civilization and democracy for better or for worse, France contributed to revolution and the demise autocracy for the sake of democracy and equal human rights just to see itself a few years later with yet another emperor. The list goes on and on and I would like to apologize to all the countries I failed to mention, though they must be.Once again I skewed away from the video at hand so I’m getting back to it. Many years ago it became very clear to me the sad fact in each election perpetrated by most people I knew and resounding throughout the land. The idea during a presidential election was “choosing the lesser of two evils”. When did it become to pass as the only option available? At what point in time did it become the norm? Aren’t we suppose to elect those who have merit, or are we to succumb to fear that one candidate is bad and the other is less bad so we might as well chose the latter “evil”. Just a reminder this was the case during the 2004 elections where we had to choose between dumb and dumber and of course we chose the dumber just because the other candidate liked “flip flops”. We chose he which apparently could keep us safe though he tried to take and mostly achieved to take away everything as far as individual rights are concerned and threw them out the window by one Executive Order after another. The video gives us a rare view of true empirical data which most people refuse to admit out of an un-based imbecilic psychotic delusion of being the greatest country in the world. Indeed most countries have freedom, some more than others, yet none of them and I repeat none of them are the best nor the greatest. There are flaws to each and every one of them for the simple reason that no one country is truly democratic without even going into dissecting the democracy as a form of governing which by Merriam Webster dictionary definition is – “government by the people; especially : rule of the majority.” The last part of this definition says it all “the rule of the majority” yet my question remains the same; what is the “majority” constituted by and when ever in human history the majority was right?

I would like to end with an information I received about a year ago where it was established by empirical data the three economies which helped shorten the duration of the last recession and become sort of buffer for the rest of the world were those of China, India and Argentina. Yes, surprising isn’t it? Enjoy the video.

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