Ode to the Bench

How often do we feel like this bench? Waiting to be rediscovered and surrounded by people as weeks and months fly by. It is quite a desolate feeling looking at it all alone, almost abandoned, yet there is a sense of home that as the weather warms up, this bench will not be alone for long. Great shot Brian.

Brian Gaynor Photography

Ode to the Bench

Summer or winter, rain, snow or ice,
Resilient and strong, always there to entice.
Solitary often, but friendly when pressed,
Gently cradling a family seeking some rest.
A servant to all who require her needs,
Discriminate not, the wise bench pleads.
The stoic personality does not alter,
Alone or accompanied, she never falters.
A perpetual offer of peaceful contemplation,
An island of quiet, mental relaxation.
Purveyor of dreams, observer of life,
Scattered throughout the globe, without any strife.
Even though forgotten and rarely praised,
The bench seems to be completely unfazed.
High praise she needs not, since she will always remain,
Having achieved her rightful stature in our public domain.

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