Beauty and the Beat by Todrick Hall – Belle in Da Ghetto Rendition

Well most of you have heard of Todrick Hall as a contestant on season 9 of American Idol, but since I do not watch TV, it was my first time running into his videos and pages on YouTube and lucky for me I discovered a side of him which is quite appealing. He’s talented, funny, spontaneous and with that brown wig (in the role of Spencer Liff) he looks like a younger version of Oprah. Ok, all kidding aside, he truly has a remarkable voice and his dance moves are quite interesting. His flash mob dance videos were the ones who got my attention the most, but here we have the funny side of Toddy with a remake of one of Disney‘s greatest hits Beauty and the Beast, this time in da Hood. Yup, Belle sure knows how to make it through anything in this world. I wish Todrick all the best and wish he finally gets recognized for his talent. In the mean time lets enjoy his rendition of Belle in da hood.

P.S. the hair salon scene is funny as hell just mentioning the fact when she goes in and says;  Hey LaWasha, Hey LaDrya, LMAO.

Cast: Katie Stephens, Alphacat, Destorm, Glozell, Antoine Dodson, Vonzell Solomon, Sweet Brown, Miles Jai

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