DEFINE ME . . . song of the day

It is indeed an inspiring video and very touching, which resonated with my own life as a gay man (yes I did use a label just about now :D). Those “labels” written on their bodies have been said to me and most people I know all our lives. They have left deep scars, anguish, solitude and withdrawal. Yet, for a person of my age, being in the closet is not an option, not because it’s not possible, but because I refuse to. Though I pay a high price everyday for being out, I can not see myself being and doing anything else but what I’m doing right now. Thank you for sharing this video and I’ll be more than glad to share it with others.

here we are going



Ryan Amador and Jo Lampert in a really moving, really beautiful song. Love. Listen. Watch.

Celebrate it. Share it. I so aspire to be a person who doesn’t deal in labels, who doesn’t deal in conventional wisdom (which is, all too often, not wisdom at all) and lives always in the light of my own truth, and allows others to do the same. Since all reality is – ultimately – a delusion of a collective hunch, it’s so important to celebrate every breath used to question any of its limiting assumptions. Love this video.

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