Preaching on Deaf Ears

I totally understand how you feel. People, family, society always preaches about the dangers of smoking, drinking, drugs and so on and guess what, I done them all.
It’s one think to want to raise awareness and another to be thumping and finger pointing and using that bullshit passive-aggressive crap on anyone. The more my mother (who smoked for 35 years two packs a day) tells me is bad for me and she’s watching out for my well-being, the more I smoke, cuz otherwise I’d jump her throat for being a hypocrite.
What’s interesting though is that I too quit smoking for two years cold turkey. I just woke up January 16th 1999 ans said; no more smoking and kept it up for 2 years until January 2001 when I lost my well paying job and ended up working for Walgreens for 6 bucks an hour. That aught to make someone smoke two packs a day and big ass joint just to keep you from crying.

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