Beautiful Men – Model Ben Shoshi / Hello Kosovo

Ben ShoshiTe Balkans has long been seen as a region of Europe too far apart and almost incomprehensible to outsiders. A region which has seen centuries of sectarian wars among its bordering countries. A region were cultural differences as s well as similarities, religion, language and historical background have brought more division than unity, more bloodshed than peace and coexistence  A region rooted in clouds of misunderstanding  bias, hatred and megalomaniac psychotic-driven patriotic fervor.

Ben Shoshi (5)

Ben Shoshi (2)On the other hand, one thing that can be said for sure about the Balkans is its beauty. A region which is most places is still a time capsule of the past, centuries of history and customs.


Amidst all of these natural beauties there are the people of this region of south-eastern Europe. I’ve been fortunate to meet amazingly beautiful men from Greece all the way up to Slovenia. Each of them different, yet beautiful in his own way. Which brings me to today’s model Ben Shoshi born and raised in Kosovo (Kosova, or as it’s know The Newborn) the youngest country in the world to win independence just a few years ago. He was born on 1st May 1987 in Peja, where he spent his younger years. He also owns his business and speaks several languages, Albanian, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian and English; so definitely not just a pretty face! His family moved to the States in 1999 during the Serbia-Kosovo war.

Ben Shoshi (3)

Ben Shoshi (6)

Ben Shoshi (1)

Ben Shoshi (4)

I had the fortune to travel to Kosovo a year ago and so first hand the remote region landlocked between Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. I was surprised by its people, so vibrant, so young (median age is 27), tradition and above all a people so welcoming it made you wonder if it was real.

One last thing I’d like to mention about the Balkans is the amazing fact that in just a few hour drive you can be in three different countries within the day and get to see such a huge variety of scenery and beauty, something you can’t say traveling through the Midwest for the same amount if time. Enjoy these shot of Ben and I hope to see more of him in the future, hopefully some nude shots.

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