What if being straight was frowned upon instead?

I’m sorry but I don’t agree with this video. As much as it’s trying to convey a heartfelt inner struggle of a child using “reverse mirror imaging” of today’s world. We run the risk of becoming just as biased and phobic as those who perpetrate these sort of social behaviors of hate and phobia on us in the first place.
This sort of videos (and there are lots out there) are not the answer, nor the right one for that matter. Looks more like an eye for an eye for wrongs past done to any of us, who now in turn makes the same mistake by turning the tables around in making heteros feel guilty.
It’s not a “war” of US against THEM.


  1. As Danny said on my blog, I think you missed the point a bit. I agree with you that it should not become a case of us against them. We all have very individual sexuality (the available labels don’t really do justice to the diverse range of sexuality humanity experiences) but at the moment in some quarters only one kind of sexuality is really accepted. I think the video is over mushy and over simplified in order to convey the story in 20 minutes. However I think the mirror image approach works quite well as a device to point out the danger and stupidity of Any form of sexual bigotry.


    • Well you’re right and it pains me to see in certain parts of the world where the LGBT community has taken a wrong detour from the idea of acceptance and more into US versus THEM ideology. We must, and I stress this as often as I can, to not see things as two camps facing each other pointing the finger of blame and fall into the lousy cliche of; you said, I said. You did, I did, and so on.
      Above all, what most sexual beings forget (which is us all), is that we have more problems withing our limited communities than we have coming from others, though I would never try try to downplay the fact if I cruise a guy I must be more cautious than my heterosexual counterparts for fear of persecution and damage to my person. I suffer this everyday of my life, the fact that I cannot always be ME, open and free.


  2. I agree with both of you. What nauseates me is the presumption to judge anothers’ sexuality and partner choices.


    • That’s what I’m talking about. Like for example I’m gay, 90% of people know I’m gay, yet one thing that most of my gay friends don’t accept is that I like straight porn even more than gay porn. So here is the double standard within and outside the community, we all blame each other for this and that and than we turn around and don’t accept each other for personal preferences. My watching straight porn doesn’t mean I’m a closeted heterosexual, it’s just that, a preference and it doesn’t hurt anyone. At the same time me wanting to be with a man is something that makes me feel good, has made me feel good since 7th grade and it will for the rest of my life and I’d like to see more happy couples out there be they of any gender, sexual orientation, preference or whatever the hack you wanna name it. We all need love, we nee to be loved, we need to feel wanted. Who cares where all that comes from? Instead we live lonely, segregated lives and we blame each other for our own shortcomings and biases.
      That’s why I believe it’s doesn’t serve any purpose to make videos where “reality” is the opposite of what it truly is just to prove a point to the other side that what they do is wrong. All of that does is it makes the issue even harder when you attack the other side using the same tools of bias and I dare say bigotry.


      • Yep, reality is an interpretation we make and many people don’t seem to realize they’re just animating or living out scripts rather than just being authentic. I’ll bet authentic people are scary to scripted people due to the fact that unscripted lives aren’t predictable. I dunno, it’s just one way to look at things.


        • Well, to be fair, it is very hard to be authentic/original nowadays for many obvious reasons. Since we’re more interconnected with people around the world, 24/7, 365 days a year are bombarded by other people’s thoughts and feelings on specific subject matter, and as much as one tries to keep subjective, we’re bound to fall into one set of thinking or another.


          • I see what you mean, and I’ve been thinking some more about that video.

            Where the question attempts to turn the tables, the author would probably have done well to specify that his scope was limited to the ‘opposite’ view and that it is based on the notion that role playing opposite positions can benefit people by helping to break up cognitive fixations. Maybe if the final point made was that there is no “standard” person, whether gay, str8 or whatever – that people are configurations of traits on a continuum – a more useful goal might have been accomplished (assuming of course that the goal was not to polarize people)?

            At any rate, I find myself feeling restricted by labels. Which way I go can very well depend on the person I’m with. I dunno how others judge that, but it’s just the way I am as far as I can tell.


            • That’s exactly what I was trying to convey 4 replies ago :).
              As far as not liking labels that depends on the person or the label being used. One thing I’ll never understand though is how so many people say they do not like beuing labeled (or label themselves) as means to keep all options opened so when there’s a problem they can go; hey I didn’t say I was such and such, what u want from me. This has happened to me many times. It’s an abuse of not using labels (word game ) 🙂


              • Good question. In a case like what you describe, maybe the dislike of labels is not a conviction so much as a strategy to evade the effort to be str8forward from the get-go or the effort to really talk when problems arise?
                Personally, I just like to feel like I’m being my natural man-animal self rather than primarily a ‘conceptual’ being. I Might not be saying that just right, though, in order to avoid a misunderstanding.


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