youniqueMy goodness, after being away from my blog for almost a week (I don’t even remember when was the last time I posted), I’m back. I’m back with a vengeance and what do I find? – I find that I’ve nominated for a YOU-nique Award, way to temper me down for a bit. I have to thank Cassie for making me feel better after a few weeks of feeling really down for many reasons. As you may have read in the re-blog below, it’s pretty straight forward and explanatory. I would like to thank Cassie one more time for thinking of me as a special person connecting through this site and needing no more than just read and see what’s posted on my blog. Thank you Cassie. Check out Cassie’s blog here

Now, the only rule is that whomever I give this award must ask me one question and only ONE to which I’ll try my best to answer to. And now….drum roll…HERE ARE THE NOMINEES FOR THIS YEARS YOU-NIQUE AWARD, may I have the envelope please? 😀

1) TheAntiNietzsche

2) In Wonderland

3) Rami Balloum

4) Kyle Mew

5) 1 Në Ditë – One Per Day

6) Dean J. Baker

7) Brian Gaynor Photography 

8) Lemoj Studios

9) Aaron Leaman

10) Joshua Gow Photography

11) James Creasy Photographer

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