As you can see, reading this re-blogged post, I’ve already gratefully accepted my nomination and have done my part to follow its steps. Now it is your turn to do the same, whoever you may be I decide to nominate, and I’m sure one of you already knows is gonna be nominated and I can hardly wait to read his question 😀

Cassie & Sophie NSFW


Several months ago Art Of Stumbling nominated me for a blogging award. It was very kind of her but in fact it was one of those awards that was going around and I had already been nominated for it and answered the accompanying questions. However AoS suggested in her nomination that if people didn’t want to pass the award on, they might instead create their own award. And that is what I have (eventually) done.

There are probably millions of blogs out there writing about every conceivable subject. When I started writing this blog I had no idea where it would go, what it would be about or that it would eventually  lead to two other blogs. It started as a writing exercise. It has become a kind of diary and collection of thoughts and opinions, but unlike an old fashioned diary I am aware that other people read it…

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