On Policies, Censorship, Bigotry, Power of the Internet and Self-Expression

First of all let me begin by saying that I take pride in my work. I take pride in my blog as my only means of many sorts of self-expression. At the same time I respect everyone’s opinion, even though I may strongly disagree with them. Also, last but not least, I respect the fact most people are required to do their job, for which they get compensated or otherwise they would find themselves in the unemployment line.

This who introduction was necessary for something I was just made aware of. I received a very courteous email by Ben & The Pinterest Team; informing me that one of my pins (here’s is the link) was deleted due to nudity. Ben very kindly continues his email trying to explain why by saying and I quote “Right now we don’t allow nudity on Pinterest, because a lot of people use our site at work and around their families.” And also ask this of me and I quote: “Could you please remove any other pins like this from your account?” Apparently Ben and his “Team” didn’t quite pay attention to that folder or many other folders I have on there which show much more than butts. So, if I have to go back and check out what I’ve posted for the last couple of years, I will let the specialists do so. More power to Pinterest.

My answer to Ben was as follows;

Dear Ben

I understand your position being part of Pinterest, but as you may have figured it out by now I don’t agree with it, especially in this case.

First of all, nudity is NOT porn.

Second, a butt/s is something we all have and in no way is an invitation to do something with it, around it, or on/in it.

Third, art is art, in any form of possible expression.

Unfortunately there will always be people and sites which will try their best at censorship. To give you an example of the double standards of a site, company or app; recently iPhone app for Planetromeo.com (gay dating site) decided to take all shots which showed a bit of skin (not full nudes nor half nudes) off, thus forcing Planetromeo.com to make all pics invisible for those using the iPhone app. Do you think it was right?

This brings me back to you and Pinterest. Do you think that a person who enters a pin-folder clearly named “Gay Culture” is entering to learn more about homosexuality, and if so, do you really think he would do so at work, or in front of his family (like you mentioned above)?

Something to think about without forcing me to use the cliché phrase; food for thought.


Lucianus Mauricius

Dear readers of this blog, it seems apparent to me that everywhere you turn, every internet outlet you use to spread your ideas in form or another has set in place policies to “safeguard” people’s sensitivity, so not to offend anyone who clicks by “mistake” on a link clearly stating it has sexual, homosexual, bisexual, erotica, nudity, fetish content.

I leave you with the same question I asked Ben; do you think you would click and open a folder boldly named Gay Culture if that’s precisely what offends you, at work or in front of your family and friends?

P.S. This post will be re-posted on Pinterest under [Essay]. 🙂


  1. I had a similar problem on pinterest so I don’t really use it much any more. I have a tumblr site where I collect any images that other people may be sensitive to. here seems to be much less censorship there.
    To answer your question I don’t think most people would deliberately visit a site or click on anything labelled in such a way that it is clear it is something they would not like or approve of. However there probably are a few people who would do just that only to complain about how depraved the world is becoming!
    Clearly there are some things in life which are not intended for a general audience; but I get more and more annoyed with companies and institutions on the internet removing the rights of adults to choose what they want to read or see..


    • I’ve had problem with many sites like this one. What gets me is how idiotic the whole idea of censorship is. Just to prove my case, I have another folder on Pinterest named Nude Art Photography where I show more than just butts, trust me, much more and they haven’t even said a word about it, nor have they deleted (yet). So , these righteous son’s of something, think that by deleting, censoring and denying access to self-expression through photography, are in fact protecting those “poor” souls out there who might otherwise fall pray to some homosexual tendency never thought they had. Like I said to the nice gentleman in my email, no one and I mean no one in their right mind would open such a folder if they weren’t actually specifically looking for it, and no one would do that at work (unless they really hate their job) nor do so at home with their family around.
      On the other hand trust me when I say this, there’s no heterosexual man on earth, who has not had at least some underlying homosexual/bisexual tendency in his life ever. The internet is becoming just as much of a police state as it is becoming bigoted. By enforcing rules and regulations on what’s right or wrong, decent and indecent they’re just perpetuating the same bigotry and discrimination I suffer every day of my life.
      I will not be subjected to this kind of abuse, and if they cancel my account I’ll open three more, and then 4 more and then 5, but I will NOT be subjected to censorship.
      I’ve written before about the danger of homophobia coming from closeted homosexuals and I stand by that statement to the fullest. Most of the hatred I’ve had to endure throughout my life has been perpetrated by such individuals, which I full heartily consider the lowest scum there is in this world.


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  3. […] On Policies, Censorship, Bigotry, Power of the Internet and Self-Expression (idpm.me) […]


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