So Wrong it’s Actually Right

Of course this is part of my lovely and much acclaimed series “Is This Straight Enough for YOU” and I can think of one person of many people out there who will look at these shots and go; damn, that’s just wrong, but it kinda turns me on. So without further ado, lets go to the pics and I got comments to make too. 😀

– Now, our first fashion victim is this gurrl up in here who nobody told she can’t be wearing these leopard-skin tights, with that bling-bling and them shoes. I mean some things are just not meant to be put together and go out, this is not a BOYB Sunday Church outfit gurrl.


Hey playahs. These white fraternity beer-soaked ass dudes just kill me. There there they are strolling around town, probably pointing to some chick they wanna “hit” and there you go, hand sliding down somebody ass and it all downhill after that. And the best part is, with these kinda guys is like they wake up in the morning going; Dude! I was so wasted last night I don’t remember a thang, what happened? Why am I naked and why the hell my ass is all lubed up and hurts like FUCK?!! – Pretty boys, do us all a favor a denounce Satan and embrace what you are, you closeted thang 🙂

Now, here we got a very honest, down to earth kinda guy. He don’t wanna be misleading you ladies and he sure as hell don’t wanna take advantage of his dudes, so he put up a sign that, well…says it all. Child you don’t have to suck dick for beer, but if you want some from me, you better be offering a hell lot more. I love honest guys 🙂970734_371858032924017_82889587_n Ok, besides his body that’s to dieeeee furr, gurrrl that haircut is so 20 years ago it’s not even funny. If you evah wanna pick up girls, child you got another things coming. You got more luck to be let in a lesbian bar. Either way enjoy it while it lasts. Oh, and them shoes are not for driving for that big ol’ car you got behind. I hope your hair don’t get in the way when you make a right turn?197703_369892479787239_2073872559_n

We got tattoos, we got abs, we got colorful boxer-briefs and bikinis and we got plenty of time on our hands to pick up chicks with this photo and attitude. Considering they’re in the middle of some field there ain’t much pussy they’re gonna find, but not to worry people, they got each-other, can I hear an Amen?! Btw, is that a golf club? I wonder what they’re doing with it later ;)?188448_524462517581161_2129240163_n

I love them people with them sticker that say; “Support our Troops“. Why not? They are fighting for our freedom and sure as hell I done my part in the past supporting our troupes in my boudoir. If there ever was a right time to say “NO HOMO” this is it. I mean they got all naked, it’s hot as hell, they got them big ass guns and no one to kill, so might as well get on with some other extra-curriculum activities while on deployment. Think twice next you buy that sticker and you’re behind the troupes 100%.428533_370105509765936_643800618_n

What do you do on a hot summer day as soon as you get out of the water? Well, you show your amazing gymnastic skills in front of a camera and do a 180% that sure made me jealous I lost my flexibility long ago. One more person I’d like to support.534658_524450680915678_758208067_n

Now, ya’ll know I love me some bulges and I ain’t ashamed of that. I can look at anyone’s crotch at any time and any place I got no shame in my game. What kills me is that this dude forgot his pic was gonna be on some social networking website and it can be saved on somebody else computer and used for other purposes. I wonder why I got so many hits in the past couple of day on my GayRomeo profile, uhm…943577_609816192379126_1216727949_n

Here’s another example of ; what happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom. As much as we wanna see bulges and got ass bodies that go with them, we sure wonder what his mamma had to say when she friended him on Facebook…?560258_595061837187895_1793417595_n

I never understood baseball. I passed the Cubs stadium everyday going to work but never was crazy enough to buy a ticket for a game that had too many people and u never knew when it was gonna be over. I believe, looking at this picture, I was dead wrong. who knew that besides them big asses, baseball players had some amazing other attributes? Time to start stalking these cowboys, cuz sure as hell I know I ain’t gonna be going home empty handed 😉6287_368503683259452_1509713320_nRelated Articles



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