Wrong Place, Right Time

I wonder sometimes who is so lucky as to snap a shot at the right time at the expense of some poor chap who happened to be passing right at that precise moment and make it look like part of the whole picture? Well, watch these shots and let me know in my new series Wrong Place, Right Time. Enjoy it…

For those of you who don’t know this ass, he is Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, you can tell what he got in mind…berlusconi 1





Poor Ronaldo, that’s gotta hurt. I wanna suggest him to do this daily so he won’t have the same problem againnice spread

I know pal, it suck to be alone midst  all these people, but no reason why you should pick a bone with them 😉park-speedo

If they’re really looking for the finest what better place to recruit than a leather festival ???police hiring


What’s going on here???wtf

elephant ride

And the award for teacher of the year goes to……….this guy!!! 😛newteacher-thumb

The financial ciris has hit hard, so this nun is more inclined to try her luck than pray to the Lord. How does the pray of the Lord go; Give us today our daily numbers? 😀good luck

Private Boner is a fine soldier, and we all can attest to that.happy armyIt’s true what they say; clothes don’t make the man. He may be in fine dress  clothes, but he’s still a man and right in the middle of the fine photo-shoot he shows us how that is so true…

It’s sad when you look just like the stamp on you t-shirt ain’t it?527701_191902834270629_1564725677_n


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  2. lmao, I really hope the Rick Perry one isn’t photoshopped.


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