Back with a Vengeance

I thought it would be a nice catchy phrase to get your attention :D. Yes my dears I am BACK. I was on vacation in Italy for 9 days visiting my family after 2 years of being away. It was a great time for me walking around town (Bari, Puglia) that is, and trying to make sense of a whole different world, culture and fashion sense.

One thing that can be said about Italian guys is that they know how to dress up and be all perty, but at the same time, all that label on them just gets old and boring soon compare to the attitude they also tend to wear on their sleeves. Needless to say, nine days in Italy and no one to meet. There is a saying in Italy “Tutto il mondo e paese” which means “All the world is a city”, and that’s so true considering where I live and where I was visiting, I found myself in the same situation over again. It is freaking hard to meet up guys nowadays no matter where you are. Have a great weekend everyone.



I had coffee here the second day, it was awesome…bari (1)


Polignano a Marepolignano a mare bari

What I love about this underground church within a church is that none of the columns are the same and it’s said they come from different parts of the world295a66a5d21637dc8b82117dc08be907_orig (1)


The old castle of BariCastello_di_Bari


Polignano a MareDSC_0465


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