Lucianus – Back With A Vengeance

374536_532474733447571_1238903763_nFinally I’m back, after being away from my little baby for a long time due to illness, I am back. It has been quite an interesting past few weeks as I went through so much and had to deal with all on all my own. I believe it was time for me to come back. This time around and from now on there will be a noticeable difference in this blog;


To understand what I just said, let me give you a quick tour of my former self in this blog. I always tried to be politically correct, trying to give the best perspective without trying to offend anyone or sound as racist, heterophobic, misogynistic and so on. I have tried and bit my tongue sort of speak whenever I posted something on this page. I did so to such an extent, I completely forgot who this blog was for. It is for me, it was started by me for myself to have a venue where I could express myself, my ideas and ideals meanwhile it has turned into a crowd pleasing farce that I no longer will allow and perpetuate.

It is time to take off my white linen gloves and give a huge middle finger to everyone the rest of the world. I believe everyone has the right to self-expression as much as to self-censorship (obviously self-censorship has not been applied hard and long enough), but in NO WAY, in NO WAY I will allow anyone to direct the course of my blog, what’s posted in it and how it is presented. In NO WAY I will allow bigots and closeted self-haters to have a voice and I will fight them every step of the way till the day I die. In NO WAY I will allow anyone to get away with remarks on issues I have very strong feelings about, starting with my own personal mental and physical health as much as my rights as a human being. It is now time to go on the offensive against all those scum of the earth who dare say and DO whatever they think they can get away with, just because, as a group they feel stronger, while singled out they are ready to be harvested, and God knows how much I’d like to harvest some of them.

From now on I do not care if you’re offended by what I post, by what I write and do not care if I am right or wrong. If you don’t like it, u can unfollow me, or not check back any longer. Fuck “turn the other check” crap, Jesus sure as hell was no peace maker; he was a mental case with a mission and purpose. From now on it is ON.

After weeks of being ill and having a lot of time to think about many aspects of my life and how people affect said life, I’m back for revenge, and nothing is sweater than revenge on the rocks; shake, stir and serve. With more health issues to come, I want to make sure that in any case I will leave something behind worthwhile. I will not be forgotten as long as someone will read a post, a comment. I am sick and tired of bullshiting myself and my readers into thinking this is a cutesy blog about male beauty, black and white photography and abstract photography. It is much more than that, it is my voice, my character, personality, my soul poured into it. It is my escape route into an otherwise colliding train. It is in the end TRUTH, my own, my personal. If you feel already offended by reading so far, wait, it does get better. In the next coming weeks I will start to post everything I never dared to post, and I will comment on everything I censored myself from commenting.

It is time to be honest. Honest about religion and religious people. Honest about straight people. Honest about gay people. Honest about the politics and policies of today’s society. Honest about freedom of speech and my freedoms as an individual. I am under attack, I feel it everyday of my life and I will hold back no longer. It is not a matter of sex, race, sexual orientation, system of beliefs; you all disgust me. Some of you may be familiar with this feeling and some of you may be oblivious to it. Either way you’re all in it, you stir this shit and expect to be eatable. Some say; you must cope, you must fit in. some others say; you’re not one of us, you do not belong here, you need to be eradicated like a malignant tumor. To all goodwillings and not so, I say FUCK YOU. I’m not coping, I’m not fitting in and sure as hell you will NOT eradicate me until there is still one single breath left in me.

I bless you all with these words; May you never find death in your darkest hour, until you do right by me. Finally, a true blessing from the real Infernal Deity of a Psychotic Mind.


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