That’s a Straight Guy for Ya…

menHave you ever wondered what sex is like with a “straight” guy? Have you ever met a guy who has every attribute you associate with a good time, hot-steamy-sex and more? Well let me paint a scenario for you. Lets just say you meet such a guy and he says he’s straight, which right there should make you wanna do a 180 and flee, but you stay hoping for the best. Now, in my 30 something years as a professional gay man, I’ve encountered many of these species of men and it always ends up the same way. It starts with a hot, passionate, out of this world night (or afternoon) of passion and then, all of a sudden, as soon as they cum, they’re up on their feet, dressed and out the door faster than you can say; your cum tasted good (at least try to). Well my darling, that’s a closet case for ya, so beware.

And let’s not forget the religious types, those who must juggle between religious sermons and sexual ones. Those who on Sundays tell believers about the evils of this earthly life and the difference between right and wrong and one hour later they’re at your place doing exactly what they preached against. The ones who say to you; I’ll be back after Ramadan, who fast all day and sway away from other earthly goods for the sake of saving their miserable souls for the next 11 months. In here lies the agony of the most absolute of treacherous hypocrisies.

How many breeders do you know who talk about pussy and their latest conquest all day long, just to die for a piece of cock all night? I know many of such individuals; they surround me like muddy flood waters. They disgust me. I wanna vomit so hard to make Janis Joplin look like a debutant.  Those same individuals are the first in life to attack anyone who seems “different” though being different is not as much part of the attacked as much as it of the attacker. These self-loathing individuals, who are so horrified they will be found out, are the ones who are able to commit atrocities against others. It is such scum who’ll fuck you and slash your throat afterwards.  Arab men

These are the men who have a huge list of “I don’t do-s” and an even larger one of “I want you to do to me”. These are the ones who lay there like dogs after a bath and aske to be serviced, because according to popular belief among them; they’re god’s gift to mankind, which in this case it is I. These dead weights want their cock sucked, their balls tongue-caressed and their assholes eaten out like the last pudding after a Jenny Craig commercial, but the hell if they give you at least one kiss, a caress, a bite even.

Let me throw this out there to all you men and this is for all men; just because you’re on top it doesn’t mean you’re on top. Trust me, no matter how deep my back is pushed into a mattress, without me, you’d be holding your dicks in front of a TV screen on Easter Sunday, while your wife is screwing someone who really knows how to please her.

They told me to beware of the boogieman, but I tell ya; beware of the straight man. He is the real danger to your self-esteem, to your overall well-being and to your self-worth.

One last thing for all you out there who think you can change a man; polish a turd, it’s still a turd.

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