Can You Tell Who’s Behind the Screen?

After Ever After – DISNEY Parody

Continuing with the remake of Disney‘s movies I present to you Jon Cozart. Funny kid with quite a witty way of looking at that old age statement; And they lived happily ever after. Unfortunately if all of that was true, then the world would be a better place, so Jon takes a different approach to such a bourgeois statement and moves it to the 21st century. What would happen to our favorite characters if they were living now in our world? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Enjoy this great and funny musical rendition which amazed me by how talented he is in synchronizing all four voices and making one hell of a vocal rendition as well as acting.

Lyrics… Continue reading

Beauty and the Beat by Todrick Hall – Belle in Da Ghetto Rendition

Well most of you have heard of Todrick Hall as a contestant on season 9 of American Idol, but since I do not watch TV, it was my first time running into his videos and pages on YouTube and lucky for me I discovered a side of him which is quite appealing. He’s talented, funny, spontaneous and with that brown wig (in the role of Spencer Liff) he looks like a younger version of Oprah. Ok, all kidding aside, he truly has a remarkable voice and his dance moves are quite interesting. His flash mob dance videos were the ones who got my attention the most, but here we have the funny side of Toddy with a remake of one of Disney‘s greatest hits Beauty and the Beast, this time in da Hood. Yup, Belle sure knows how to make it through anything in this world. I wish Todrick all the best and wish he finally gets recognized for his talent. In the mean time lets enjoy his rendition of Belle in da hood.

P.S. the hair salon scene is funny as hell just mentioning the fact when she goes in and says;  Hey LaWasha, Hey LaDrya, LMAO.

Cast: Katie Stephens, Alphacat, Destorm, Glozell, Antoine Dodson, Vonzell Solomon, Sweet Brown, Miles Jai

Instagram: toddyrockstar
Twitter: toddyrockstar

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“My Boyfriend is Gay” Hailey Rowe

Who hasn’t heard that before, right? Things just going well, love is in the air and you poor thing ignoring all the signs that’s something peculiar with your bf. He knows more about fashion than you do and he gives you tips. He loves your new lip gloss and sometimes borrows it saying; I got dry lips. He has more hair care products than a salon. He loves scented candles because he says; they create an ambiance, and you just love his attention to detail. He makes killer Martinis. Yet, you poor dear are totally oblivious all this is a bit too much for a “dude” to be concerned with. So my darlings out there, if you think your boyfriend is gay, chances are he is and I did hit on him. So be careful, there’s plenty of us who’d love to pick up where you left of and I’m one of them :D…

Song Written by Hailey Rowe and Pete Masitti
Directed/Edited by Kevin Boston

Connect with Hailey:
Twitter: @hailey_rowe

Call On Me – Gay version

Moving on with videos today, I came across something I never saw happening in aerobics class. Who wouldn’t wanna be in a room with all these hunks shaking their money makers and showing off their butts much to my heart’s delight? Well, I would and let me tell ya, I may not get much workout done body-wise,  but my eyes and senses sure as hell would get a lot of exercise and joy during and afterwards taking a long, cold shower with the boys of course ;). Btw, I’d love to teach this class :D. Enjoy it…


Boy Is a Bottom

Well boys and girls, after taking a few days off to relax and take care of myself I’m baaaaack. Of course I had to come back with a bang and since I had so much time on my hands I went on YouTube and got myself immersed in all the fun videos I had been missing since the whole “End of the World, Mayan Calendar Bullshit, OOHH and The Last Pope” (WTF???)  debacle subsided.

Now we all know or have met someone who claims to be “vers”, and much to our disappointment they turned out to be big ass bottoms. Who would have thought to turn such a dreadful encounter into a song. Well, someone did and here it is for your and my enjoyment brought to you by Willam, Detox & Vicky Vox. The lyrics are at the “bottom” 😉 just in case you wanna sing it to someone and let me tell you this made me laugh my ass off. I guess you can tell I get amused easily huh? Enjoy it…

Produced by Markaholic (
Directed by Shawn Adeli (
Prod. Ass’t Mike Aguilera
Video Hoes: Miles Davis Moody, Sam Ortiz, Mike Munich
Makeup by OCC Continue reading

When Truth Hurts

One thing that can be said about working at an airport is that it highly educational. The mere amount of travelers from all corners of the globe, different cultures and languages gives you a better perspective of human behavior according to such backgrounds.

I overheard a small conversation between a mother and her little boy this morning. I didn’t hear the little boy’s question, but I did hear his mother’s answer which struck me for the first time in many-many years. She said; “because he doesn’t understand English, he has his own language and this is his country and you must understand and respect that.” Such simple truth, honest and by teaching her son to be respectful of another human being for the simple reason of language, culture and being in his/hers country as foreigners. I’m sad to say this seldom happens among most foreigners traveling through or living in other countries.

Now, going back to the video you’re about to watch I’m not sure how many of you have had a chance to see it, but it did struck me once more as truthful. Though a television show, the message is clear and it does not only apply to the subject matter of America being the greatest country in the world, but all countries. If you’ve had a chance to travel anywhere, I’m sure you noticed that such attitude as the one portrayed by the young woman asking the question and the subsequent answer of both politicians is prevalent everywhere. Just look at the Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, and Sweden) and their attitude towards the rest of Europe, especially less developed ones. The message sent out by them is that of; We don’t want foreigners living here and lowering our standards of living by leaching on to our free social services. Go to Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, France and England and the prevailing sentiment is echoed in each of the aforementioned countries. Go visit the Balkans and watch how centuries old megalomaniac sectarian ideas of Greater Serbia, Greater Albania, Greater Greece, Greater Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Greater Macedonia(FYROM) continue to split and segregate these countries to the brink of another “cold war”. The rhetoric is the same everywhere; We Are the greatest country there is. Just like America, each European country clings to a feverish idea based on the past and not the present. Indeed many European countries where at one time or other superpowers during human history, yet the reality of the 21st century is much-much different and they seem to be constitutionally adverse to admit their shortcomings. Portugal was once a great maritime superpower, so was Spain, England was an empire, Italy as well, Greece gave us civilization and democracy for better or for worse, France contributed to revolution and the demise autocracy for the sake of democracy and equal human rights just to see itself a few years later with yet another emperor. The list goes on and on and I would like to apologize to all the countries I failed to mention, though they must be. Continue reading

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