Asian Porn / A Big, Noisy, Scary Mess…

Yes, I know what you’re thinking; you watch straight porn??? Yes I do. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine to watch what heterosexuals do in bed, because it the closest I’m ever gonna get to it. I love watching porn from around the world, it’s fun, and even though sex is sex, there’s something fascinating about Asian porn. Let me explain why…

Knowing a bit about the Asian culture, has made wonder how they have sex, since they seem culturally adverse to show any kind of affection, which was pointed out by my Chinese friend a few days ago, who told me they don’t use the word Love to express said feeling to each other. Instead what they do is they give or make gifts for each other to express love. Ok, fair enough. Now, back to the point…


“NOW This is What I Call… Sexy???”

As you watch the start of each of these movies you begin to notice that guys are ughlyy… and this coming from a guy who’s very much attracted to Asian guys, or as it is referred to in my community as being a “rice queen”. Not only that, but they look like they just got outta jail and the word “pussy” sends them into a raging outburst of pheromones, and endorphins.

Girls start always with the “Geisha Hand’ like; OMG is he gonna do what I think he’s gonna do to me? And I’m like; BITCH, THAT’S WHAT U GETTING PAID FURR TO DO! – Side note here; they always seem to be underage as well, so I guess that proves I’m a pedophile now. 😉 Continue reading

My Captain, Yes Captain – Bing Zhang

I love a sailor, and when it just happens he’s Asian, well, double trouble and great times for me…

Continue reading

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