The Age of Innocence

Ah, the good old days when we thought nothing wrong of something which today would pour public outcry if it were ever published or put on a billboard or even advertised in your Sunday paper. Somehow we lost our innocence, some of us more prematurely than others. I’ll never forget what my friend in 8th grade told me about what happens to a penis when it enters a vagina. He said; it either turns green or purple. He was dead serious about it and a bit scared too, and I wouldn’t blame him. Well, I exclaimed, that will never happen to you with me, it’ll turn bright gold. ūüôā
53-19104-unintentionally-sexual-retro-14-1409013889Ah, the joy of your first golden shower…who can ever forget that?


53-19105-unintentionally-sexual-retro-20-1409013888Yes, you may have a Promise Ring, but how can you go on without dick???

53-19106-unintentionally-sexual-retro-1409013888Hans, how do you like my new Leder, you wanna take a closer look???

53-19112-unintentionally-sexual-retro-1-1409013890Chemistry class sure told young Billy an important lesson; never face a test-tube with balls attached to it….¬† Continue reading

Know Thyself II

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Save a Penis, Eat Ice Cream

Enjoying this hot weather everyone???

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So WRONG, It’s Actually Funny as HELL

I found this posted on my page this morning by somebody else and had to re-post it here. Now, before people start yelling about how wrong, biased and racist this shot is, please stop to think of a moment in time where you saw something so wrong you couldn’t help but laugh your ass off. Most times it happens when someone we know falls and gets hurt, other times when we see someone dressed so wrong it actually seems right considering whatever said individual was thinking. So, when it comes to laughter and joking, there are no lines. If it doesn’t disturb you it ain’t funny…

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Dildo Mayhem by Zynga

The only game on Facebook where you don’t have to ask you friends to join so they can help you out to reach the next level. Just point and shoot your pink dildo and see if you’re good at getting it into the hole. Hurry up, you’re on a timer pal ūüėÄ

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Wrong Place, Right Time

I wonder sometimes who is so lucky as to snap a shot at the¬†right time at the expense of some poor chap who¬†happened¬†to be passing right at that precise moment and make it look like part of the whole picture? Well, watch these shots and let me know in my new series Wrong Place, Right Time. Enjoy it…

For those of you who don’t know this ass, he is Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, you can tell what he got in mind…berlusconi 1


293749_527908937237484_1770866918_n Continue reading

Learn English – Lost in Translation

We’ve all heard of wacky¬†grandmas¬† but this¬†poor¬†thing just takes the whole notions into a whole other level, just because she has no idea what she got on. ūüôā

Porn star grandma

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