I often think of what life is like for those living in countries where the law criminalizes being homosexual and honestly I am terrified of what that could be like if it were I living in such places. In a changing world where most western countries are becoming more and more accepting of LGBTQ people, we still see how in other parts of the world life for the LGBTQ community is like.

Today I woke up to a chilling video shown on taken from CNN of men being thrown from the top of buildings on charges of being gay. It was a chilling reminder how fragile our freedoms are and how we might all be in danger of that weather, you are homosexual or not. In a chilling, IS video you can see an old man in a chair being toppled to the ground for being homosexual. A rational mind would ask; what has the world come to? Why the killing of innocent people in theses case gay/homosexuals, is the latest campaign of terror shown, right after the beheadings of foreigners, Christians, prisoners of war? And yes, this is a war! This is a war of ideology and a religious war as much as it is a twisted form of revolution. The lines are not at all blurred. We know the enemy and we know what its main goal is; the changing of an entire region into an absolute autocratic Islamic country/state. Continue reading

Russia – Die Neue Homophobie Land

This article was sent to me today by The Advocate and now I am sharing it with you all. My feelings towards what’s been going on in Russia and especially it’s president Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Vissarionovich Schickelgruber Putin are well known and documented in this blog. Yet, no matter how much I write, no matter how much I accuse this president and this countries parliament, I cannot for the life of me keep up with new news coming out of “Die Neue Homophobie Land”, below is the latest, I believe my words are meaningless as facts speak for themselves 

Russia Raids Gay People’s Homes

Nikolai AlexeyevThe Russian government‘s new law condemning so-called gay propaganda has now encouraged people to report their LGBT neighbors to local authorities.

A notice allegedly from the government says any person who suspects that a neighbor or tenant disseminates “homosexual propaganda” should contact the police immediately, Gay Star News and O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da report.

“Increase your vigilance when you talk to your neighbors, when you are checking your mail and in elevators,” the notice says, according to a translation. “You can easily become a target of homosexual propaganda. There is one step from being homosexual and to start propaganda of homosexualism and molesting decent people.”

Russian prosecutors reportedly raided the home of activist and lawyer Nikolai Alexeyev. According to Reuters, officials ransacked Alexeyev’s home and removed several pieces of electronic equipment.

“Do you think this is all legal?” Alexeyev said to reporters inside his apartment after the raid. “What if they now start raiding flats every day, for instance?

The raid was spurred by a Russian parliament member who lodged a complaint against Alexeyev.

The Reuters report on the raid below:



Russia, Wentworth Miller and I

I’ve never been the kind of person to pursue actors and performers to come out at any cost in order to win more support for the LGBT community. I believe as much good as it would do to have known faces of television, music and sports come out, so am I a strong believer of individual rights of each and every one of said people to decide when and how they will take such a step. I know that even though much has changed in these industries, there’s still a lot of stigma when it comes to someone coming out. What I’ve noticed before is that when an actor comes out he almost immediately ends up playing “gay roles” or just vanishes for a long-long time.wentworth-miller-383654


Now turning back to my main topic which Russia and of course my absolutely favorite character of Russian politics Vladimir Putin. I have been troubled by what has been going on in Russia ever since a law was passed which made it illegal to even say the word gay, that incriminates parents or even school teachers to teach about homosexuality, which leaves the door opened for the atrocities that have captured the medias’ attention   perpetrated against the LGBT community in Russia. One such abhorring horror story that totally shook me was that of a young man Vladislav Tornovoi (23) who was with a group of friends drinking and celebrating Victoria Day (the end of WWII) was asked by one of his friends if he were gay to which he admitted he was. Subsequently he was attacked, beaten, raped by having his anus cut and beer bottles stuffed in his rectum and to finish him off they bashed his head by hitting him on the head with a 20 kg (44 pound) and than tried to set him on fire. There’s also the video of the 15 year old boy, who after going to a park thinking he was going to meet a man, is approached by a group of teenagers and harassed and pissed on. 945160_606628346044639_668297239_n1 Continue reading

Twins For Equal Rights

I received this post on my Facebook page by one of my friends from South America. They are two identical twins expressing their thoughts on equal rights regarding marriage. For those of you who don’t understand Spanish here’s a rough translations from left upper corner down; I’m Adam and I’m gay. I’m Stephen and I’m straight. We’re identical twins.  We both deserve equal rights to marriage. It’s sweet, but considering recent events in my life, I would go a step further by saying; We all deserve EQUAL RIGHTS period in any facet of life.

twinsRelated Articles


Discrimination Within Discrimination

A world awayThis morning, I came across this picture posted by one my friends on Facebook. The picture shows two border petrol guards one Pakistani and the other Chinese holding hands. The description put above it was to explain that in this part of the world is perfectly normal for two men to hold hands, thus show affection without any gay undercurrent. What got me to write this post were the comments below.

Let me go back in time for a bit just to explain to you why am I so upset about all this. In my 35 years on this rock, I’ve had my share of many abuses by many people from childhood on. I live in a society which has never embraced individuality and being different; on the contrary it fights it and tries to destroy anything that is not “normal”. Abiding by the rules of such a society and country is a MUST if you want to survive. There is no other option, unless you want to be a castaway character from some forgotten novel in a dusty shelf in an out of business bookstore. Discrimination and abuse started early for me. For as long as I can remember, kids always picked on me because I was a “mama’s boy”, a wuss, “girl” and so on. Later on in life it got more personal and vicious with the all so common names such as; faggot, fudge-packer, cocksucker, queer and so on. My story is that of millions upon millions out there. It is nothing new, nothing unheard of before and nothing that hasn’t been posted on any LGBT rights group’s webpage. I’m in no way looking for sympathy nor pity, just stating the facts.

Now, back to present day world. One thing that seems to be consistent in today’s society is the unbelievable imbecilic belief that my being gay is a choice. No matter how many studies have been published at least in the last two decades, there are still people who believe that not only being gay is a choice, but as such it can be cured with the right treatment (shock therapy anyone?). Now let me turn this belief on its head. If any of you think that being homosexual is a choice, then what you’re basically saying is that being heterosexual is one as well, eh? I don’t think a straight guy woke up one morning and said; “I think I’ma suck a dick today. Nah, I chose not too”. Alright, I know that even my previous argument is not going to sway those who have already chosen and made up their minds about what constitutes being gay and the mechanism by which “we” apply this in our daily lives as homosexuals.

For those of you in the not-know, there are many parts of the world where male interaction and thus expression of intimacy (with no sexual undertone) is accepted and even more promoted from parents to children and it is not seen as abnormal nor an aberration. I would like to stress once more that such a behavior is accepted as long as no one suspects there’s something more then just peer love. Where I come from, many men walk around holding each other’s hand, arm, or putting their arm around their friends shoulder, it is normal. What gets me is that if I did such a thing, I would immediately find myself under attack. Why? Well because I’m different. My voice is soft and articulate. I’m courteous and gentle. I have a very vivid/passionate movement of hands and eyebrows. My walk is different. Oh and above all I take care of myself more than any woman I’ve ever encountered in my life (beauty-wise & hygiene). Continue reading

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