I often think of what life is like for those living in countries where the law criminalizes being homosexual and honestly I am terrified of what that could be like if it were I living in such places. In a changing world where most western countries are becoming more and more accepting of LGBTQ people, we still see how in other parts of the world life for the LGBTQ community is like.

Today I woke up to a chilling video shown on taken from CNN of men being thrown from the top of buildings on charges of being gay. It was a chilling reminder how fragile our freedoms are and how we might all be in danger of that weather, you are homosexual or not. In a chilling, IS video you can see an old man in a chair being toppled to the ground for being homosexual. A rational mind would ask; what has the world come to? Why the killing of innocent people in theses case gay/homosexuals, is the latest campaign of terror shown, right after the beheadings of foreigners, Christians, prisoners of war? And yes, this is a war! This is a war of ideology and a religious war as much as it is a twisted form of revolution. The lines are not at all blurred. We know the enemy and we know what its main goal is; the changing of an entire region into an absolute autocratic Islamic country/state. Continue reading

Questo Vuoto Esploderá…

To be held

To come undone

As savage waves of dark mist attack your every step

Moving forward is futile while looking back you are

Moment of truth

Silence within

Allows all that is to become unraveled, exploding, yet vaguely visible…

For eyes not meant to see

Ears are deaf

Souls trapped

As hearts are frozen.

Time, like death’s grip, holds you in its mighty crush

Desperate to escape

One last breath

Deep, as you drown


Arrested Psychosis


Photography by Eric Guichaoua-Serra –

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Resting Place / Here on After

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The Matrix Revisited

The next step in human evolution is the macabre marriage between human and machine. A self sustained cyber-human. I wonder if it will ever have any emotions besides self-containment? Lucianus 2012

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