Hollywood Claws – The Art of Insult

Most of us movie buffs are well aware of how Hollywood works. So it is no surprise that that some of our favorite actors and actresses were clawing at each other over some ole or another, but not just that, they also had real deep hatred towards each other. Enjoy these Zings and Burns from some our favorite motion picture stars.

Who can forget our favorite pair of all times, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. These two hated each others guts for years and than they went and filmed a movie together. Can you imagine what must have been like on set? 53-18291-joan_death-1405622725“You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good …. Joan Crawford is dead. Good!” (Ouch!!!)


“Bette will play anything, so long as she thinks someone is watching. I’m a little more selective than that.”

“She may have more Oscars … She’s also made herself into something of a joke.”

“Miss Davis was always partial to covering up her face in motion pictures. She called it ‘art.’ Others might call it camouflage—a cover-up for the absence of any real beauty.” (Burn)


“Joan Crawford—I wouldn’t sit on her toilet!” (DAMN!!!)

“I wouldn’t piss on Joan Crawford if she were on fire.” (DAMN!!!)

“Joan Crawford—Hollywood’s first case of syphilis.” (DAMN!!!)

“She has slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie.” (DAMN!!!)

53-18266-marlonbrando_jamesdean-1405554458Marlon Brando on James Dean – “Mr. Dean appears to be wearing my last year’s wardrobe and using my last year’s talent.” Continue reading

Love me Not – Short Film Stills by Bell Soto

Bell Soto continues to impress me with his wide range of artistic expression using not only photography but also short films. He has a unique way in capturing the human experience and its expressive soul in ways which are so unique it makes you wonder about the meaning and beauty of it all. In his short film Love me Not, he takes on a different approach to the human interaction known as Love. It gives a sense of loneliness, dream like state as well as a deep feeling of existential dilemma when dealing with such an important feeling to most humans. Love is an abstract notion, it is volatile. It is as much invigorating as it is consuming, one can almost say love is a living entity in its own, non corporeal as much as imaginative, ethereal…

Love me Not short film by Bell Soto

Love me Not short film by Bell Soto (1)

Love me Not short film by Bell Soto (3) Continue reading

Disney Revisited

I grew up watching Disney movies. I used to watch them with such passion I would get lost in them for hours. I grew up watching prince charming after prince charming. Princesses of all sorts, blond and brunette, red head, all waiting to find their one true love. Villains and good guys. Evil Queens and lovely fairies, and so I too had a crush on the goodhearted princes and wondered what it would be like to be awaken by a kiss… Unfortunately life never turns out to be that way, but I always felt deep inside a sense of longing and of course erotic. Here we have a few representations of the homoerotic subtext of Disney movies, which if you’ve paid much attention has grown rapidly in the last decade (check out some of the phrases used during each movie). So for your enjoyment and of course mine as well here we have alternative versions of how love stories should have gone. Enjoy them… 😀

The way Snow White spoke, always gave me the impression of a girl suffering form abandonment syndrome, daddy issues and a bit of psychosis, so no wonder she went straight for the bottle when her dreams didn’t come true.  I guess the evil Queen gave the apple to the right two guys 🙂148577_552591638102547_707212993_n

Poor Ariel, she exchanged her voice for legs and when she got them and walked to the shore Robin Hood was already there to gladly take her place, so she went to get her fins back. What’s the point of having legs if you’re not gonna use them right?538143_191492380978341_1003458321_n

Ah evil doers. We call them villains, we demonize them, but did we ever stop and think that behind that hard-ass facade there was a creature who was waiting to blossom?312322_560303290664715_1499703212_n Continue reading

Scary Movie – The Best of Brenda

In the spirit of Halloween remember tonight when you got to the movies, not to end up like Brenda, she became Halloween itself…

And of course you can’t count on her for any help she’ll leave you high and dry right away…


You’ve Got to Love Star Trek

How can you not love Star Trek? I mean when you have two hunks like Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine. I never understood how in the 24th century these two never tied the knot? 

Continue reading

Torch Song Trilogy (Revisited)

As most of you already know, Torch Song Trilogy is one of my all time favorite movies for many reasons. It is funny, witty, sad and full of moments where you see yourself in one character or the next. After having said this, there’s one message, one saying in the entire movie which encompasses my feelings exactly, and thus I had to share it with you…

If Movies Were Real 2

Ok guys, as you might not know, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately, and I think I OD-ed on them, but here is something that made me laugh my ass off, which is a miracle considering it’s my day off and I’m in bed doing nothing since it’s raining outside kinda day….

These two guys are kinda corny, but I agree with them, if movies were realistic they would suck….enjoy it

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