Find Me an Acronym

ISILWe went from ISIS, to ISIL to just plain ol’ IS. Remember the good old days when we had a name of an enemy, be that a country or group? Not anymore we don’t, all we have now is the search for an acronym and seems no one is in agreement.woman-named-isisWe are hurting poor people who share the same name/acronym… Now IS is just that, is.IS

And remember,5MAORbY

When Truth Hurts

One thing that can be said about working at an airport is that it highly educational. The mere amount of travelers from all corners of the globe, different cultures and languages gives you a better perspective of human behavior according to such backgrounds.

I overheard a small conversation between a mother and her little boy this morning. I didn’t hear the little boy’s question, but I did hear his mother’s answer which struck me for the first time in many-many years. She said; “because he doesn’t understand English, he has his own language and this is his country and you must understand and respect that.” Such simple truth, honest and by teaching her son to be respectful of another human being for the simple reason of language, culture and being in his/hers country as foreigners. I’m sad to say this seldom happens among most foreigners traveling through or living in other countries.

Now, going back to the video you’re about to watch I’m not sure how many of you have had a chance to see it, but it did struck me once more as truthful. Though a television show, the message is clear and it does not only apply to the subject matter of America being the greatest country in the world, but all countries. If you’ve had a chance to travel anywhere, I’m sure you noticed that such attitude as the one portrayed by the young woman asking the question and the subsequent answer of both politicians is prevalent everywhere. Just look at the Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, and Sweden) and their attitude towards the rest of Europe, especially less developed ones. The message sent out by them is that of; We don’t want foreigners living here and lowering our standards of living by leaching on to our free social services. Go to Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, France and England and the prevailing sentiment is echoed in each of the aforementioned countries. Go visit the Balkans and watch how centuries old megalomaniac sectarian ideas of Greater Serbia, Greater Albania, Greater Greece, Greater Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Greater Macedonia(FYROM) continue to split and segregate these countries to the brink of another “cold war”. The rhetoric is the same everywhere; We Are the greatest country there is. Just like America, each European country clings to a feverish idea based on the past and not the present. Indeed many European countries where at one time or other superpowers during human history, yet the reality of the 21st century is much-much different and they seem to be constitutionally adverse to admit their shortcomings. Portugal was once a great maritime superpower, so was Spain, England was an empire, Italy as well, Greece gave us civilization and democracy for better or for worse, France contributed to revolution and the demise autocracy for the sake of democracy and equal human rights just to see itself a few years later with yet another emperor. The list goes on and on and I would like to apologize to all the countries I failed to mention, though they must be. Continue reading

After the Drunken Storm of Political Rhetoric – The Day After…the Election

I was lucky enough to come across an old stand-up show George Carlin did a few years back, and even luckier to find a piece where he talks about voting. Now most of you are not aware of my political view, and I’d like to remain it as such. At the same time some of you know how I feel about voting, not just in the US but everywhere in the world. So this is as much for myself, for you my followers of this blog and for my dear friend The AntiNietzsche who has had such an effect on my in recent months on many issues we’ve discussed, you can read his post about voting here and here.

I agree with every single vote George Carlin says in his rant, and it’s absolutely right to determine that since politicians come from us, voted by us, put in office by us, and they fuck us over and over, then why do we complain about them all the goddamn time? We deserve them as much as they deserve us, they come from the same scum we come from, hence we can’t expect them to be different nor better. They say that you are what you eat, by association we can say we have a political class kin to our own selves. Enjoy it.


In Response to “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, As Allegory to the Terrors of the French Revolution” by The AntiNietzsche

I’m so glad you wrote about Mary Shelley and her book; because I have never read it nor have I ever seen the movies made from it, except of course Young Frankenstein, which is hilarious.

Since I was humble enough from the start to admit my ignorance on both the book and its author I’m going to focus my comment on your excerpts and commentary and from on a personal point of view (as always) and more in regards to the French Revolution.

Our innate attribute to seek, find and explore the unknown, whether it be in our personal lives, in the world surrounding us, or the unknown out there in the universe as well as quantum physics, we are driven not by what we know and have learned thus far, but by what we don’t know and the mysteries which surround any of said subject matters. In the case of Frankenstein and you equating of this novel to the French Revolution, you make a bold move towards intertwining fiction with reality, which in this case I’m happy to say was very correct. In “Limits To My Empathy” you write and I quote “In my honest opinion, quite a few people who care strongly about a humanitarian issue end up becoming so engrossed in the presumed righteousness of their position they let their empathy and passion cloud their objectivity and rationality (I offer the various sociopolitical movements of the 19th and 20th Century as an example of this problem).” I’m quite sure; part of this remark was in part in regards to the French Revolution. I’m sure you will agree with me when saying the French Revolution can be used as a blueprint for all other revolutions of the 19th and 20th century. As an absolute resolute counter-revolutionary, I’ve always felt it was my duty to remind people that any revolution of any form is never the answer to socio-economic injustice. I see revolution as the beast from hell which after being summoned on earth it eats off those who called upon IT in the first place before devouring the rest of humanity. Continue reading

Election Year 2012

Right-wing dicks, left-wing nuts….enough said!

When Words are not Enough: Prelude to Decay

Those of you who have been following my blog it will come as a surprise reading this, as I have rarely spoken about social issues which were not directed to specific matters such as LGBT rights, psychological disorders and male sexuality.

It’s been a long time since I spoke about social issues which encompass all of us, the entire society as a whole, by exposing to the least my personal disdain and to the most my rage towards our so called reality and society. There comes a time when a person must express his own rage regarding what the aforementioned have become, pure and utter obsolete remnants of a decaying past perpetuated into the present and pushed forward as the golden ideals of what the future should and will be like for all of us. Let us start evaluating the present, our everyday lives, and social, economical, psychological as well as cultural issues at hand.

Our everyday lives have become a constant reminder of what we’re striving for, which is survival. It was never meant to be a matter of living in order to work, but the opposite. If we strive only to work in order to survive what part of our lives is any longer about living life? If we’re underpaid, working extended hours and earning fewer wages while bills pile up and things get more expensive so we work harder in order to make it through and make ends meet, what are we living for? A brighter future, and if so for whom? A better tomorrow, and if so what about today? We’ve been indoctrinated into believing that the only way for us to have a better tomorrow is to go to college, earn a degree and soon all doors will be opened. When did it become ok to collect debt in order to further our education? When did we become as silly as to believe that by earning that degree we automatically have better chances than most to have a career? What you most hear today is those same young people who after finishing college return home, as they can’t afford to live on their own and it’s becoming increasingly harder to find an entry position with any company, because the system in place asks that besides you bachelors degree you must have working experience in the same field? Isn’t it an oxymoron to ask someone who just finished college to also have 1 to 2 years entry level experience, and where would have such individual acquired it while s/he was pushing all nighters to study for mid-term exams and perhaps working at your local 7 Eleven or CVS or Walgreens? What has our education become when you have shows such as “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” and people at home watching it go; I know that. Of course you should know that you stupid ass bitch, you’re 30 years old. Continue reading

Death of Words: Potential by The AntiNietzsche – In-depth Commentary Analysis


After a great read of the original article by The AntiNietzsche titled Death of Words: Potential (you can read the whole article below this post), I decide not only to answer by giving my own perspective, but also make sure that both the article and the subsequent commentary analysis were read, since it seems it went unnoticed when first posted back in March of 2012. I encourage you to read the original article posted below (as reblog) and give your own perspective in this matter as well as allow yourself to explore ideas which are rarely discussed about. Below is my own commentary analysis to this article. Enjoy both…

– “To put it in another way, it seems very strange to me why it’s those who wield the most power and influence, in (at least) the public sphere of the sociopolitical scene, are the most vocal about their sympathies for all those in society who are by default the most powerless.  I would think that if the status of the impoverished and voiceless was so admirable to the socially affluent, the latter would be doing more to bring themselves to the former’s virtuous level.” – The AntiNietzsche

It is my experience, at least living in the States; this is often the truth about politicians trying to convey an image of an individual who understands the struggles of the working class. In the past it was often spoken about “saving the middle class” as an important lever and balance for the economy. Now it is more often spoken about the poor, those who make on average 26K a year or less. Reality is two-fold; on one side it is very clear most politicians could care less about those who vote them in office in the first place. Unless it’s their “base”, which is made up of over privileged individuals, corporations, banking, drug companies, oil companies and so on. Those who in recent years and mostly this year have been called the 1%. On the other hand you have the so-called 99% who vote those same individuals who have a clear record of not taking their job seriously enough to convey people’s will who elected them in the first place. Continue reading

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