Hollywood Claws – The Art of Insult

Most of us movie buffs are well aware of how Hollywood works. So it is no surprise that that some of our favorite actors and actresses were clawing at each other over some ole or another, but not just that, they also had real deep hatred towards each other. Enjoy these Zings and Burns from some our favorite motion picture stars.

Who can forget our favorite pair of all times, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. These two hated each others guts for years and than they went and filmed a movie together. Can you imagine what must have been like on set? 53-18291-joan_death-1405622725“You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good …. Joan Crawford is dead. Good!” (Ouch!!!)


“Bette will play anything, so long as she thinks someone is watching. I’m a little more selective than that.”

“She may have more Oscars … She’s also made herself into something of a joke.”

“Miss Davis was always partial to covering up her face in motion pictures. She called it ‘art.’ Others might call it camouflage—a cover-up for the absence of any real beauty.” (Burn)


“Joan Crawford—I wouldn’t sit on her toilet!” (DAMN!!!)

“I wouldn’t piss on Joan Crawford if she were on fire.” (DAMN!!!)

“Joan Crawford—Hollywood’s first case of syphilis.” (DAMN!!!)

“She has slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie.” (DAMN!!!)

53-18266-marlonbrando_jamesdean-1405554458Marlon Brando on James Dean – “Mr. Dean appears to be wearing my last year’s wardrobe and using my last year’s talent.” Continue reading

Room With a View III

“There is emotion in the hug, and there is respect and a form of love. Emotion that comes from honesty, respect that comes from challenge, and the form of love that exists between people whose minds have touched, whose hearts have touched, whose souls have touched. Our minds touched. Our hearts touched. Our souls touched. We separate.” ~ James FreyA Million Little Piecesa room with a view

a room with a view (12)

a room with a view (18) Continue reading

Meditation in B Minor

This is as it were the key of patience, of calm awaiting one’s fate and of submission to divine dispensation – From Christian Schubart’s Ideen zu einer Aesthetik der Tonkunst (1806) translated by Rita Steblin

© Arash KarimiPhotography courtesy of © Arash Karimi

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Once Upon a Thorny Crown

“And then, one Thursday, nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change, a girl sitting on her own in a small café in Rickmansworth suddenly realized what it was that had been going wrong all this time, and she finally knew how the world could be made a good and happy place. This time it was right, it would work, and no one would have to get nailed to anything.” ― Douglas AdamsThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

the Christ reincarnation


Extract from Blue – Abstract Erotica

They say blue is the color of sadness. They say many things… In the last few weeks many blue days have gone by, nothing of worth to report. Yet, in the midst of all this blue, a darker shade has emerged, an insidious, cut-throat darker shade of blue. It is the color of knowing you are going to be alone once more in your life for an indeterminate amount of time, and that as they say, is that. – Lucianus 2013tumblr_mixwt1HKti1rj8ld3o1_1280


67067_585585668136477_875540498_n Continue reading

In Human Form Yet Not Human

Interesting fact about snakes is that if they attack to bite on a prey and they miss, venom is not expelled out of their fangs. Meanwhile men will expel anything as long as there’s a prey in sight, hit or miss.



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Insert Word Here _____

How many times have we tried to express what we felt about someone,  yet words either escaped us, or we simply couldn’t? Here is a nice way to let the other person fill in the doted lines with the word they think we’re trying to use and finally see if we’re both on the same page. Any word is better than silence, so use them. Remember to express yourselves, always…

Insert word Here

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