The Age of Innocence

Ah, the good old days when we thought nothing wrong of something which today would pour public outcry if it were ever published or put on a billboard or even advertised in your Sunday paper. Somehow we lost our innocence, some of us more prematurely than others. I’ll never forget what my friend in 8th grade told me about what happens to a penis when it enters a vagina. He said; it either turns green or purple. He was dead serious about it and a bit scared too, and I wouldn’t blame him. Well, I exclaimed, that will never happen to you with me, it’ll turn bright gold. ūüôā
53-19104-unintentionally-sexual-retro-14-1409013889Ah, the joy of your first golden shower…who can ever forget that?


53-19105-unintentionally-sexual-retro-20-1409013888Yes, you may have a Promise Ring, but how can you go on without dick???

53-19106-unintentionally-sexual-retro-1409013888Hans, how do you like my new Leder, you wanna take a closer look???

53-19112-unintentionally-sexual-retro-1-1409013890Chemistry class sure told young Billy an important lesson; never face a test-tube with balls attached to it….¬† Continue reading

Save a Penis, Eat Ice Cream

Enjoying this hot weather everyone???

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Wrong Place, Right Time

I wonder sometimes who is so lucky as to snap a shot at the¬†right time at the expense of some poor chap who¬†happened¬†to be passing right at that precise moment and make it look like part of the whole picture? Well, watch these shots and let me know in my new series Wrong Place, Right Time. Enjoy it…

For those of you who don’t know this ass, he is Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, you can tell what he got in mind…berlusconi 1


293749_527908937237484_1770866918_n Continue reading

Failed Advertising – When Trying Too Hard

We’ve all seen happen. Many countries try their best to promote new items¬†and¬†in some them it’s not a matter of not trying hard enough but a matter of lost in translation. There are of course those who actually do try way too hard to advertise and catch out attention so we buy the damn thing, but all they achieve is ending up in this post. Enjoy them…6415_117281417314_657297314_2840581_5063387_n


religious fetish Continue reading

So Wrong it’s Actually Right

Of course this is part of my lovely and much¬†acclaimed¬†series “Is This Straight Enough for YOU” and I can think of one person of many people out there who will look at these shots and go; damn, that’s just¬†wrong, but it kinda¬†turns¬†me on. So without further ado, lets go to the pics and I got comments to make too. ūüėÄ

– Now, our first fashion victim is this gurrl up in here who nobody told she can’t be wearing these leopard-skin tights, with that bling-bling and them shoes. I mean some things are just not meant to be put together and go out, this is not a BOYB Sunday Church outfit gurrl.


Hey playahs. These white¬†fraternity¬†beer-soaked ass dudes just kill me. There there they are strolling around town, probably pointing to some chick they wanna “hit” and there you go, hand sliding down somebody ass and it all downhill after that. And the best part is, with these kinda guys is like they wake up in the morning going; Dude! I was so wasted last night I don’t remember a thang, what happened? Why am I naked and why the hell my ass is all lubed up and hurts like FUCK?!! –¬†Pretty¬†boys, do us all a favor a¬†denounce¬†Satan¬†and embrace what you¬†are, you closeted thang ūüôā

Now, here we got a very honest, down to earth kinda guy. He don’t wanna be misleading you ladies and he sure as hell don’t wanna take advantage of his dudes, so he put up a sign that, well…says it all. Child you don’t have to suck dick for beer, but if you want some from me, you better be offering a hell lot more. I love honest guys ūüôā970734_371858032924017_82889587_n Continue reading

Minotaur Revisited

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Cazwell – Ice Cream Truck ft. Cazwell (Hot and Horny)

And now moving on with something a bit different yet still in the realm of sexuality and sexual innuendo. Cazwell presents ¬†quite a delicious song which brings together two of my favorite things; ice cream and hot men, and oh boy, who can resist the¬†temptation¬†of using them both to make a¬†sundae? Remember a few years back the song which went kinda like; How many licks does it take to get ¬†to the center of it? Well how much ice cream would you need to get your engine going? As far as I’m concerned it would take at least 6 or 7 guys and¬†lots¬†of different topics with sprinkles ;). Enjoy it…

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