The Importanct of Self-Scrutiny, and Holding My Own Values to the Fire

” Essentially, I believe that it would be unwise to simply brush off the point that a world safeguarded to the point where no one falls, is also potentially a world where no one rises.” – I guess this only sentence envelopes the whole post in a nut-shell for lack of better words. We’ve often have discussed about mine and your ideas of an egalitarian society and my position has always been that only an egalitarian society is not possible but at the same time it is not a good idea for two reasons;
1) This also brings us to the issue of who is to be the arbiter warranted with upholding the principles of an egalitarian system. The judiciary? The policymakers? And does this then bestow on these individuals a set of authority (i.e. power and privilege) that thereby creates a disparity which in itself violates the very premise of a truly egalitarian model? – I couldn’t have said it better myself and …
2) In an egalitarian society, where everyone is equal, inevitably comes a moment where there’s no progress because there’s no need nor drive for moving forward as everyone gets the same for the same amount of work or contribution to such a society.
The drive for any society has always been disparity. The poor and middle class, looks up at the apex and wants to achieve what the rich have achieved by all means necessary. Thus this brings a drive for invention and betterment by means of rivalry. If we are all equal, treated the same, having what everyone else has and lacking nothing, than what is the point of striving for more? Thus an egalitarian “regime” soon becomes obsolete and falls onto itself like a house of cards.


  1. I see by the date of this reblog (thanks again, by the way) that I am not the only one these days who has fallen behind on posting frequency. 😉 Hope you haven’t retired, old friend, it will surely leave a void in the blogosphere if that’s the case.


    • My dear Xander. Only now I see you have sent me a message. Indeed it has been a long time and yes I have been away from my blog for several reasons. It has been a very difficult time for me these past months and it’s still a struggle which I’m not winning so far. Though I manage to wake up every morning and go to work, not much can be said about my life afterwards. I made a conscious choice a year ago to stay away from all interactions with new people and it secluded myself in my apt for that amount of time. I needed to get away from everyone and everything and just deal with people on a professional level and when I need to buy things to support myself. I miss not being able to write, I miss the interactions with my other fellow bloggers, but at present time I’m unable and unwilling to write. I feel I have an obligations towards my followers not to turn this blog into a wining game, though much can be said about my journey in the past 12 months. Thank for thinking of me. It’s very much appreciated to know that someone out there in the world does indeed care. All the best, Luc.


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