Hollywood Claws – The Art of Insult

Most of us movie buffs are well aware of how Hollywood works. So it is no surprise that that some of our favorite actors and actresses were clawing at each other over some ole or another, but not just that, they also had real deep hatred towards each other. Enjoy these Zings and Burns from some our favorite motion picture stars.

Who can forget our favorite pair of all times, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. These two hated each others guts for years and than they went and filmed a movie together. Can you imagine what must have been like on set? 53-18291-joan_death-1405622725“You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good …. Joan Crawford is dead. Good!” (Ouch!!!)


“Bette will play anything, so long as she thinks someone is watching. I’m a little more selective than that.”

“She may have more Oscars … She’s also made herself into something of a joke.”

“Miss Davis was always partial to covering up her face in motion pictures. She called it ‘art.’ Others might call it camouflage—a cover-up for the absence of any real beauty.” (Burn)


“Joan Crawford—I wouldn’t sit on her toilet!” (DAMN!!!)

“I wouldn’t piss on Joan Crawford if she were on fire.” (DAMN!!!)

“Joan Crawford—Hollywood’s first case of syphilis.” (DAMN!!!)

“She has slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie.” (DAMN!!!)

53-18266-marlonbrando_jamesdean-1405554458Marlon Brando on James Dean – “Mr. Dean appears to be wearing my last year’s wardrobe and using my last year’s talent.” 53-18267-carygrant_brandocliftdean-1405554460Cary Grant on Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift and James Dean – “I have no rapport with the new idols of the screen, and that includes Marlon Brando and his style of Method acting. It certainly includes Montgomery Clift and that God-awful James Dean. Some producer should cast all three of them in the same movie and let them duke it out. When they’ve finished each other off, James Stewart, Spencer Tracy and I will return and start making real movies again like we used to.” (let the cat-fight begin, MEOW)53-18280-deanmartin_jamesstewart-1405554464“There’s a statue of Jimmy Stewart in the Hollywood Wax Museum, and the statue talks better than he does.” (ZING)53-18270-richardburton_marlonbrando-1405554459Richard Burton on Marlon Brando – “Marlon has yet to learn to speak. He should have been born two generations before and acted in silent films.” (BURN)53-18284-clark_gable-1405554463John Wayne on Clark Gable – “Gable’s an idiot. You know why he’s an actor? It’s the only thing he’s smart enough to do.” 53-18282-billmurry_chevychase-1405554465Bill Murray on Chevy Chase – “Medium talent.” 53-18283-barbara_streisand-1405554465Walter Matthau on Barbra Streisand – “I have more talent in my smallest fart than you have in your entire body.” (Poor Barbra)53-18268-johngielgud_ingridbergman-1405554462Sir John Gielgud on Ingrid Bergman – “Dear Ingrid—speaks five languages and can’t act in any of them.” (DAMN!!!)53-18272-franksinatra_shelleywinters-1405554461Frank Sinatra on Shelly Winters – “A bowlegged bitch of a Brooklyn blonde.” 53-18269-shelleywinters_franksintara-1405554462Shelly Winters on Frank Sinatra – “A skinny, no-talent, stupid Hoboken bastard.” (Ah, true love)53-18271-bettedavis_carygrant-1405554461Bette Davis on Cary Grant – “He needed willowy or boyish girls like Katharine Hepburn to make him look what they now call macho. If I’d co-starred with Grant or if Crawford had, we’d have eaten him for breakfast.” 53-18279-mel_gibson-1405554466Susan Sarandon on Mel Gibson – “Mel Gibson is somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun. He’s beautiful, but only on the outside.” 53-18278-avagardner_miafarrow-1405554461Ava Gardner on Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra – “I always knew Frank would end up in bed with a boy.” (Poor Sinatra)53-18275-barbara_monroe-1405554459Barbara Stanwyck on Marilyn Monroe – “Her body has gone to her head.” 53-18281-katherinehepburn_sharonstone-1405554464And the winner is, but of course...Catherine Hepburn on Sharon Stone – “It’s a new low for actresses when you have to wonder what’s between her ears instead of her legs.”

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