I often think of what life is like for those living in countries where the law criminalizes being homosexual and honestly I am terrified of what that could be like if it were I living in such places. In a changing world where most western countries are becoming more and more accepting of LGBTQ people, we still see how in other parts of the world life for the LGBTQ community is like.

Today I woke up to a chilling video shown on taken from CNN of men being thrown from the top of buildings on charges of being gay. It was a chilling reminder how fragile our freedoms are and how we might all be in danger of that weather, you are homosexual or not. In a chilling, IS video you can see an old man in a chair being toppled to the ground for being homosexual. A rational mind would ask; what has the world come to? Why the killing of innocent people in theses case gay/homosexuals, is the latest campaign of terror shown, right after the beheadings of foreigners, Christians, prisoners of war? And yes, this is a war! This is a war of ideology and a religious war as much as it is a twisted form of revolution. The lines are not at all blurred. We know the enemy and we know what its main goal is; the changing of an entire region into an absolute autocratic Islamic country/state.

In my entire life and to this day I suffer because of homophobia, verbal assault for being who I am and being unapologetic about it. I have never felt ashamed of who I am and I have never compromised in that regard. I have tried to fight homophobia wherever it may show its thorny face, from Russia to Ukraine, from African nations to the US. I have signed dozens upon dozens of petitions not just in support of LGBTQ but Human Rights in general all over the world. Yet, this morning I had to stop and think of my future in a predominantly Islamic country. I’ve always felt like a minority on two accounts; I was born into a Catholic family (though I’m an atheist) and I am gay. It seems  not to matter or it makes my case worse to even say I do not believe in god above all I do not believe in organized religion and I’ve always been outspoken against it and pro abolishment of such religion/s.  In conversations with my counterparts (believers) most of whom are Muslim, I’ve been referred to as an Islamophobe. I wasn’t surprised at this label, on the contrary, I embraced it. I am going to be honest; I’m not just an Islamophobe, but I am just as much of a “phobe” when it comes to any religion and above all monotheistic religions.

I have no shame in my stance. I have no apologetic stance in what I am writing and never will. Anyone who follows blindly into a little red/black book deserves to be treated as subhuman. If you as an individual do not even have half the brains cells to question what you read, what you’re being taught to believe, to go deeper that just memorizing verses and passages, than you don’t deserve my sympathy. It may sound harsh to call such individuals as subhuman, yet in my eyes they are. No rational mind would allow indoctrinations without questioning. No individual in their right mind would kill because others are different, any kind of different for that matter. The world seems to be forgetting acceptance of the different, the individual human mind who thinks differently, expresses differently and asks the hard questions no religious leader or scholar dares to ponder. If they did so, they themselves would see the little Swiss cheese holes in their system of belief. It’s not a matter of warring ideologies, it is a matter of basic human rights and though Religious Freedom is one of them, this doesn’t mean you or others have the right to kill for what you believe in.

I have no sympathy for the weak of mind, for those who think religion is the answer to everything. I have no sympathy for those who kill in the name of one god or another. I have no sympathy for those who do not ask questions in regards to religious dogma and I have absolute loathing for all those who think that in a perfect world everyone MUST adhere to their system of belief.

It’s not just IS with which I have a personal defiance with, it is the entire Muslim faith and it’s absolute nonsensical ravings of Allah is Great. Brothers and sister; Allah is not great, never has been and never will. No god is great. No one God/s deserves to be greater than another and above all greater than humanity. We create our own gods in own image to fit our parameters of right and wrong and thus we have religions who damn and condemn people to an eternity of hell while life here on earth is already a living hell. It is not enough we must every single day try to survive an unjust world, but we must look forward to the next survival game: Hell.

Ask yourself one simple question; why are religious people so fascinated by the afterlife? It seems all they live for is the “next” life, because this one already screwed them over. Moreover, all religious people are those who are most afraid of death, at least a good part of them.

Side Note; Don’t get me started on my grandmother who has decided that it’s in God’s hands when she dies and has been soiling herself bedridden for the past 2 years, instead of choosing to die with dignity. She’s still praying as we speak and still soiling herself waiting to be changed. Yet, God has a plan even for her though it’s a shitty one, all pun intended.

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